MMB – A Way to Help Out Fire Victims

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and have been staying active out there.  Because of the the poor air quality in the bay area, I know we’ve had to come up with more creative ways to get our work outs in.  The winds should be changing this week and will hopefully clear out the smoke so we can safely exercise outside.  In regard to the Sonoma and Napa fires, I heard a news report say that the firefighters are hopeful the fires should be mostly contained by this Friday.  Wouldn’t that be marvelous?! 

Like many of you, my heart aches for the hundreds and hundreds of people who have either lost their homes, businesses, or both.  It’s hard for us to wrap our brains around the enormity of the fire tragedy that has impacted our dear neighbors just a couple of hours north of us.   It’s challenging to imagine what it would be like to lose everything except for the clothes on your back and a few items you had time to save. 

My cousin Jessica and her husband Tyler were very fortunate to have their home spared.  They live in the neighborhood that connects to the Coffee Park neighborhood that was devastated by the fires.  The fire crept close, but died out about a 1/2 mile away from their home.  Jessica is an animal care taker at Safari West and about 1/4 of the employees there lost their homes, including the owner of Safari West.  He had stayed up the entire night of the fire and watered down everything to the best of his ability.  In doing so, he saved all of the animals but tragically, his own home burned down.  I connected with Jessica about any way we could help and she said these people need everything because they lost everything. 

So friends, I am asking for your help.  I know there are many ways to donate and help out there,  and a huge thank you to you if you have already donated.  But, I would love to bless the people who Jessica and Tyler know personally who have lost everything.  Beginning this week, I’ll be collecting items for Jessica’s neighbors and coworkers at Safari West and will plan a trip up to see her in the next couple of weeks.  You can make it simple and donate a gift card or buy clothing, canned food, or toiletries.  Anything you can donate would be a huge help.  I’ll have a box in my studio and will also bring it to Valley Bible Church during classes.  Thanks everyone!

Here is a photo of the Coffee Park neighborhood before and after the fire.  Tragic.



Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Fall Movement Mania has two more weeks!  The recap is below after announcements
  2. Halloween BOO Camp is Saturday, October 28th.  Come dressed up in your favorite “fitness” costume and enter a contest!
  3. Next Running Boot Camp is Sunday, October 29th at 11am. 
  4. Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio:  There is one opening tomorrow night at 5:45pm.  Please let me know if you’d like the spot!


Fall Movement Mania Recap from week 3 & 4:

Week 3 was the Pyramid Challenge!  The top three times of completion were:  Lynnda Philbrook with 25:31, Heather Thompson with 28:52, and Lisa Dillon with 29:40.  Way to go you guys! 

Week 4:  Timed Challenge Sequence:

Station 1:  Run 2 laps and do 4 stair drills

Station 2:  Walking planks cone to cone, 20 burpees, repeat going back.

Station 3:  Walking lunges cone to cone with bicep curls and OH presses.

Station 4:  Dynamax MB wall balls 25x’s, oblique throws 25x’s L & R, repeat

Station 5:  4 jog sprints & 4 stair drills

Station 6:  Single leg warrior rows with DB’s, L & R

Station 7:  Burpee Journey:  15 regular, 15 with push-ups, 15 with push-ups and Spiderman Planks

Station 8:  6 stair drills with sand bags

Station 9:  30 MB Tricep push-ups

Top three times of completion were:  Kim Mehr 27:59,  Joanne Vieira 31:48, and Lynnda Philbrook 35:10 

Awesome job everyone!  Keep tracking your exercise minutes so we can turn them into miles for your map!  Keep eating clean out there so we can find out who the biggest reducers are in two more weeks!

See you in class soon!