MMB – A Killer Home Work Out for You!

Hi Everyone,

 Can you believe that Thanksgiving is Thursday?  This week will launch the holiday craziness with crowded malls, congested streets, and overflowing waiting lines for restaurants, Starbucks, and ATM’s.  I can hardly wait!  Do you sense my sarcasm?  Well, we all take what we want from the season and I will choose to grab onto thankfulness and watch my kids in wonder as they craft their Christmas lists, make Star Wars Christmas cookies, watch Elf, and go out at night to drive through neighborhoods filled with amazing displays of Christmas lights and decorations.  Of course, the most important aspect we’ll be focusing on is the birth of our savior and can’t wait to attend the Christmas Eve service at our church, Valley Bible Church this year.  You are all welcome to come and join us if you don’t already have plans for Christmas Eve!  See me for details if you are interested. 🙂

Announcements and Reminders:

1) There is NO Cardio Core tonight or Tuesday.  Sorry guys.  I need to go to Sacramento today for a 4pm appointment and timing is too tight to make it back for classes tonight.  You know I hate cancelling, but if you read below, I have a work out for you to do at your leisure.

2)  Thanksgiving Boot Camp is this Thursday at 7am and 8:05am.  This Boot Camp is special because it’s family oriented.  If you have kids, who are older elementary and mature enough to handle a boot camp, you are welcome to bring them!  My boys are 10 and 12 and will be there for the work out.  I can put kids together in small groups of 3 or 4 to do the boot camp.  The cost for them would be the same for you, so just a sign off on a card.  Let me know if you are planning on bringing them.  I think it will be a blast to have families working out together!  You are also welcome to bring your kids and have them hang out in the couch area while playing with a device. 


3)  There WILL BE Boot Camp the Saturday following Thanksgiving.


Anyway, back to fitness stuff and gearing up for a week of decadent calorie expenditure.  This week, I will only be teaching Thanksgiving Boot Camp on Thursday morning at 7am and 8:05am.  I would love to see a huge gathering of regulars and family members, who may have come from out of town.  What an awesome statement to make to your family!  A family who works out together, stays together 🙂 Not only will you feel better walking into your Thanksgiving day, but you’ll be burning up calories for hours and will be able to manage the feast better because of your am efforts.  If you can manage it, I also recommend walking after your meal to help you digest.

As for the early part of this week, I don’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I’ve created a work out for you to do at home.  Let me know how it goes and please, do yourself a favor and carve out time for a really good work out.  It’s the holidays folks, so it’s time to rev things up and work out hard so you won’t feel awful when January rolls around.  Capiche?

Thought for the week:  A Killer Work Out for YOU!


Equipment needed – tubing, either long or figure eight style.  2 sets of dumbbells – a medium and a heavy.  Set of waxy paper plates.

5 min. Dynamic Warm-UP:  Jacks, straight leg kicks, runner’s stretches, lateral reaches, torso and hip rotations, prisoner squats, inch worms, push-ups.


Circuit #1:  Lower Body & Push-Ups

Jog in place – 20 sec.  High knees – 20 sec.  rest 10 sec.

20 Body weigh squats & 20 sumo squats.

20 push-ups.

20 squats with tubing chest presses (place tubing behind your upper back and grab handles – when you come up from your squat, press the tubing straight out in front of your body.)

20 Resisted tubing push-ups.  (place tubing behind your back and get into push-up position.  Hold onto handles or tubing so that you feel pressure from the tubing.  You may need to do 10 push-ups and then rest. 


Circuit #2: Cardio Bursts, Lunges, Core!

20 Jacks, 20 Jack squats, 20 Jack Burpees

20 alternating body weight lunges, 20 alternating lateral lunges L & R, 20 reverse lunges

30 sec. Paper plate sliding planks.  (Place each foot on a paper plate on carpet and get into plank position.  Slide back and forth bracing the core.  Don’t go too far where you can’t recover because you could strain your back.  Start with an inch in distance and build.

30 sec. Lunge Plyos, rest, 30 sec. of Mountain Climbers using paper plates.

30 sec. Paper plate Jack Planks.  (Get into plank position and have one foot on each plate and abduct your legs out and in while holding your plank.)


Circuit #3:  Frontal plane, Rows, & Rows!

20 sec. Lateral leaps, 20 sec. bigger lateral leaps, 20 sec. burst leaps – power! 

20 stationary lunge position with bent over tube rows – L & R (Get into lunge position, step on middle of tubing, and row pulling shoulder blades together.  Make sure you feel a taut pull so that it feels difficult to pull back. )

20 Jump Squats, 10 sec. rest, 20 Sumo Jump Squats

20 T-Push-Ups

20 bent over squat position with tube rows.  ( Place both feet on tubing and bend over in 45 degree position.  Pull tubing back into a row with shoulder blades pulled together)


Circuit #4:  Burpees, Biceps, Triceps, oh my!

20 sec. Burpees, 20 sec. Burpee Push-ups, 20 sec. Burpee Push-up w/Spiderman Planks

20 Alternating lunges with heavy dumbbells for bicep curls. 

20 Tricep push-ups using dumbbells

30 sec. ice skaters (hands on the ground and lunge back diagonally with quickness back and forth, rest 10 sec.  Repeat with bigger leaps.

20 Renegade Rows L & R, thenPush-up, ump into squat and stand with bicep curl into overhead presses.  Do this 20 x’s, you may need to rest half way because these are brutal!


Circuit #5:  Core & Cool Down – almost done

30 sec. floor bridge, rest 10 sec.  30 sec. single leg hip extensions both L & R( think floor bridge, but one leg is in the air and you are lifting and lowering your hips) 

30 sec. side plank both L & R

30 sec. Superman hold, rest 10 sec, 30 sec. Ironman hold

30 sec. bird dog hold, both L & R

30 sec. standing single leg balance with opposite leg abducted, both L & R

30 sec. chair pose


Stretch:  child pose, child pose like a C both L & R, runner’s stretch, cobra hold into down dog, lateral stretches, low sumo squat hold with knees pushed out, 360 stretch, straight legged stretch with hands on floor, standing quad stretch.


Note:  Circuits #1-5 are about a 30 minute work out.  If you want more and have time for a 60 minute work out, then there are two approaches: 

You can immediately repeat a circuit and do it twice through, or you can do circuits #1 -4 first, and then go back and repeat circuits # -4.  Keep Circuit #5 for the very last part of the work out because it’s the cool down.

If you want a killer work out, then after each circuit, go run on your street for 2-3 minutes.  If you want speed and power drills, then do 4 jog sprints on your street after circuit #2 or #3.  You should be breathless after these and feel very taxed, so you may need a minute to recover.

PLEASE NOTE – if you feel light headed, dizzy, or nauseated, please stop.  Make sure you listen to your body and push where you can, but back off if you need to as well.  Make sure you eat a small something an hour before this work out.

Please make sure you are hydrating throughout the work out.

It’s up to you in terms of how intense you make this work out.  If you want it lower impact, then please don’t jump. Keep your feet on the ground and do active squats instead of jump squats.   If you want it higher impact, then go to town on the jumping, especially if you do plyometrics on a regular basis.

Want to make it more fun?  Grab a friend and turn up the tunes!  You can do it!

Have fun and see you on Thursday!