MMB – A “Challenge” Work Out For Home!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you are walking into your Monday feeling energized and ready to take on the week!  This past Saturday was the 5th Spring Fitness Challenge and you guys rocked it out there!  There were eight stations that made up a killer circuit and included; monster band squat and presses, slamming med balls and oblique throws, Dynamax wall balls, burpees w/ med ball tricep push-ups, Renegade Rowing, Russian Twists and lots of running!  You guys were dripping with sweat and gave it your all by the end! 

For the 7am crew, Christina Mantha finished the entire circuit two times through in 32:02, followed by Ken Vieira with 36:26, and Joanne Vieira with 36:56!

For the 8:05am 30 minute crew, Dave Thompson finished the entire circuit first with a 17:04, followed by Kathleen Jacobs with 19:45 and Erin Campbell with a 19:56. 

Way to go guys!  You all worked very hard and prove that with determination, hard work, and some grit, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! 

On Saturday, May 18th, we’ll have the last Spring Fitness Challenge where you will be weighed and measured again, along with doing the fitness tests to find out who the biggest reducers are and who has improved the most!


Announcements and Reminders:

  1. NO Boot Camp on Saturday, May 12th!  The 6th and last Spring Fitness Challenge will be on Saturday, May 19th!


  1. Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club is starting on Monday, June 4th!  Mark your calendars for some summer fitness with you and your kids!  1st through 6th grade PE is at 9am to 9:30am & Moms’ Fit Club (men and teens are welcomed) is 9:30am to 10:00am!  Classes are held at Creekside Park in Pleasanton.  Bring some friends along and let’s get moving and grooving this summer! See flyer below!


  1. Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night – 5:45pm (2 spots open), 6:55pm (3 spots open), 7:35pm (2 spots open)  Please e-mail or text me to sign up for some fitness fun!


  1. Memorial Day Run!  Come out and join me on Monday, May 28th for a 5K run at 8am! Beginners and intermediates are welcomed!


Kid Fit and Moms’ Fit Club Flyers!

Summer Kid Fit 2018

Moms’ Fit Club 2018


Thought for the week:  A “Challenge” Work Out For Home!

As you know, this coming Saturday I’ll be away for the weekend and won’t be teaching boot camp.  For those of you who would still like to have a Boot Camp experience on Saturday, I’ve put together a Challenge work out that you can do yourself and time.  Better yet, grab a friend and do it together!  After you’ve completed the work out, take a selfie and record your time and let’s find out who worked it the hardest and fastest!  Text me the picture and I’ll post on my blog! 


Challenge for Saturday, May 12th

Equipment needed:  a medium and heavy set of dumb bells and a watch to time yourself.  Set of cones or markers.  You’ll also need a place to jog and run, so your street or park would be ideal. Set up everything before hand so you are ready to go!

5 Minute Warm-up:  If needed, foam roll tight areas first, especially calves, hips, and glutes.  Do dynamic stretches for 5 minutes:  rotations, straight leg kicks, runner’s stretches, lateral reaches, back stretches, inch worms, and 1 set of 20 push-ups.

Circuit #1:   

Jump ropes for 30 sec, plank hold for 30 sec.  Power Jacks for 30 sec., 20 push-ups.

Squat w/dumb bell OH presses – 20 x’s, then do a 30 sec. jog, 20 sec. run, & 10 sec. sprint for 4 rounds (on street or at park)

Repeat squats & OH presses 20x’s.

Repeat 30,20,10 in street.

Circuit #2:   

Grab heavy dumb bells and do alternating lunges 20x’s.  (You can use a Bosu or curb if you would like to add challenge) Then, hold lunge position and bend over with a flat back, do posterior delt flys with dumb bells 10x’s on each leg. 

Set up cones in street about 50-60 feet apart and do:  high knees and kick butts 2x’s, lateral shuffles 2x’s, cariocas 2x’s, and gorilla runs 2x’s.

Repeat alternating lunges and posterior delt flys. 

Repeat Cardio Circuit.

Circuit #3:

Grab medium dumb bells and do single leg balance with dumb bell front raises, 10x’s on each side = 20 reps.

Do 40 sec. squats w/ 20 sec. rest, then 30 sec. fast squats w/15 sec. rest, then 20 sec. of power squat jumps w/10 sec. rest. 

Grab medium dumb bells and do lateral lunges with dumb bell front raises 20x’s.

Repeat 40 sec. squats, 30 sec. fast squats, and 20 sec. power squat jump sequence.

Circuit #4:

Grab heavy dumb bells and do sumo squats w/bicep curls 20x’s

Do 4 jog sprints in the street about 100 feet in distance. 

Repeat sumo squats and bicep curls.

Repeat jog sprints.

Circuit #5:

Place dumb bells on the ground and do tri-cep push-ups 20x’s

Then do tri-cep push-ups and add burpee jump ups 20x’s

Between cones, do 2 lateral shuffles then squat thrust, then 2 lateral shuffles and squat thrusts.  Keep going back and forth between cones for 1 minute.

Repeat tri-cep  push-ups and burpee sequence.

Repeat lateral shuffles and squat thrusts for 1 minute.

Cool down with static stretches:  calve stretches, hip flexor stretches, quad stretches, back stretches and foam rolling if needed.


Note:  For a shorter work out, skip the repeats and it should take about 20-25 minutes.  Add the repeats and it should take about 40-45 minutes.

For a less intense work that is low impact, skip the jumping, burpees, and sprinting. 

Make sure to eat a small something about 30 minutes before this work out and stay hydrated throughout work out.

If you are feeling nauseated, dizzy, or light headed, please stop and rest.

Have fun guys and let me know how you did!