MMB – A Bizarre Reality

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am stuck in some kind of weird time warp inside a Twilight Zone movie and can’t wait for it to end. While some things seem normal right now, such as functioning within our homes, everything socially, culturally, and professionally has drastically changed in a short amount of time.  Just think about the ways in which we are communicating right now?!  We’ve all become experts in Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other video conferencing devices so that we can continue to connect and communicate in the areas of our lives that matter. 

How have all of these changes impacted your health?  Have you stayed on track with clean eating and exercising or has any degree of schedule flown out the window?  How’s your mindset?  Are you finding ways to remain positive or have you slipped into a sea of the blues? 

Maybe you are somewhere in between and some days are better than others.  Honestly, I think that’s normal because nothing is totally normal right now.  God wired us to be a people of touch and expression, to hug and embrace and laugh and cry together.  These are the things that make us human.  Without human touch and expression, we are only half ourselves.

My parents drove from Fremont to visit the boys on Friday.  They stayed in their car and rolled the window down to have a conversation with the boys who were 10 feet away.  They kept commenting on how weird this whole thing is and how they’ve never had a visit with the boys before where they weren’t able to hug them and play games.  None the less, they were thankful to at least see them face to face and hear their voices.  I’m sure you are all getting creative with how you visit family too! 

My hope and prayer is that when this whole crisis is over, we’ll be a stronger people and capable of more empathy and gratitude.  That we won’t take the small things for granted like a visit with a friend or a hug from a family member.  It’s the small things in life that count because the small things add up to big things that define who we are.  Please continue to pour into your health in the best ways you can with clean eating and exercise!  Honestly, this is the best medicine to help you stay strong and resilient!  As we begin Holy week, I pray that God will protect you and your family this week!

Announcements and Reminders:

1)  Cardio Core On-Line Tuesday 6pm!  If you’d like to join, please text a picture of your class card with “zoom 4/7”

2)  Cardio Fusion On-Line Thursday 6pm!  If you’d like to join, please text a picture of your class card with “zoom 4/9”

3) Boot Camp On-Line Saturday 7:30am!  If you’d like to join, pleas text a picture of your class card with “zoom 4/11”

4)  Personal Training Outside or on Zoom!  Just a quick update that personal training on Zoom is going very well!  Also, when the weather is nice, it’s been awesome training outside in front of my house on the sidewalk.  I keep my distance and can still train from 10 feet away.  Everything is sanitized and clients have been enjoying the sun and my blooming garden out front!  Let me know if you’d like to schedule a session through Zoom or outside by my garden!

4) New Foam Rolling Video #2 is up on my YouTube Channel!

5) Just for fun!  Here are a couple of quick videos of Jen working out in studio on a rainy Sunday!  A little fun with some Bosus and a stability ball!  If you are having some fun in your fitness, shoot a little video and send it to me!

Have a great week and I hope to see you in class soon!