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MMB – 5th Winter Fitness Challenge – 1 more week to go!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had an awesome weekend!  This past Saturday was the 5th Winter Fitness Challenge and once again, you guys rocked it!  I created a military stye obstacle course with challenging stations and cardio drills. This was a no joke Challenge and I’m proud of you guys for trying your best and bringing your “Can-Do” attitude!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday Night!  5:45pm 60 minute class is full.  6:55pm 30 minute class has (2) openings.  7:35pm 30 minute class has (3) openings.  Please text or e-mail to sign up!


  1. NOTE:  Jen will be away on vacation from Thursday, February 21st through Monday, February 25th.  There will be no Cardio Fusion 2/21, Boot Camp 2/23, or personal training during these dates. 


  1. Walking Boot Camp is this Sunday, February 17th at 11am!  Class is ON unless rain is significant.  60 minute class.  For all levels.  Drop in cost is $15 or use pre-paid card.


  1. Last Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday!  It’s time to weigh in and measure and find out who has been working the hardest!  Please plan on coming a few minutes early or stay a few minutes after class to get weighed and measured!   You guys have worked hard!

Here are the results of the Fitness Tests for Challenge #5:

7am Crew

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Paula Allen  -114

2nd place – Andrew Allan – 96

3rd place – Jocelyn Lai – 86



1st place – Andrew Allan – 60

2nd place – Jocelyn Lai – 30toes/22 knees

3rd place – Lisa Dillon – 20 toes/44 knees



1st place – Andrew Allan – 22

2nd place – Lynnda Philbrook – 21

3rd place – Lisa Dillon – 14


8:05am Crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Christy Stevens – 121

2nd place – Melissa Judge – 116

3rd place – Vanessa Perez – 110



1st place – Melissa Judge – 65

2nd place – Pete Calvo – 47

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 44



1st place – Janeen Wheeler – 46

2nd place – Bernadette Calvo – 36

3rd place – Vanessa Perez – 24


Photos from Saturday’s Challenge: – Look at these boot campers in action!  Rock on you guys!

8:05am 30 minute crew

7am 60 minute crew