MMB – 1/2 Way Through the Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday afternoon to you!  I am just now sitting down at 2pm to write my blog because I dropped my boys off at outdoor science camp in Santa Cruz for the week!  Wow, a whole week without my boys – what’s a girl to do?!  First of all, great job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week!  I love the energy and momentum you are all bringing out to class!  It’s obvious you guys are putting the work in and taking your health and fitness seriously!  Let’s keep this trend going and focus on commitment and consistency through the winter! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday:  1st class 5:45pm is full, 2nd class 6:55pm is full.  4 spots open at 7:35pm.  Please text or e-mail me to join 7:35pm class or to wait list. 
  2. Cardio Fusion is at Jen’s Studio Thursday:  1st class 5:45pm 1 spot open,  2nd class 6:55pm 2 spots open,  3rd class 7:35pm  5 spots open.  Please text or e-mail me to join classes.
  3. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition class is Monday, February 4th at 7pm!  There is room for 3 more people.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining this fun and interactive shopping and nutrition experience!  Cost is $35.  Class is about an hour long. 
  4. 4th Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday!  We are half way through the Challenge, so keep up the good work out there!  60 minute class at 7am and 30 minute class at 8:05am!


3rd Winter Fitness Challenge Fitness Tests:

7am crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Joanne Vieira – 126

2nd place – Bob Allan – 95

3rd place – Ken Vieira &  Christi Stevenson – 82


Push-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Joanne Vieira – 73

2nd place – Ken Vieira – 57

3rd place – Bob Allan – 37


Sit-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Janeen – 46

2nd place – Joanne Vieira – 26

3rd place – Christi Stevenson – 25


8:05am Crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Erin Campbell – 121

2nd place – Bernadette Calvo – 120

3rd place – Christy Stevens – 117


Push-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Melissa Judge – 66

2nd place – Erin Campbell – 59

3rd place – Pete Calvo – 55


Sit-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Erin Campbell – 39

2nd place – Heather Moog – 34

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 33


Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard this past Saturday!  You are all winners in my book and I encourage you to keep bringing it every week!  Let’s see what we can do next Saturday together!

Here are some photos from Saturday’s Challenge: