Mid-Week Blog – Check In

Hey everyone!  I know this is a little different sending you my blog on a Thursday, but that’s just how the cookie crumbled this week!  I really took Monday off as a holiday and relaxed with my family in the backyard, so I’m a little behind in my writing!  I hope you are all doing well and also enjoyed the holiday weekend!  So, wowza, here we are on a Thursday already! I wanted to check-in and give a few updates.

  1.  The May Nutrition Challenge and Cardio Endurance Challenge are coming to an end on May 31st!  Keep logging those veggies and fruits and cardio minutes!  Please prepare your logs in a way that I can review them, so you can e-mail or text.  I will announce the winners and who won the $50 class cards! 


  1. Cardio Fusion On-Line is Tonight at 6pm!  Please text “Zoom 5/28/20” to be added into class!


  1. Boot Camp On-Line will be 7AM this Saturday, not 8AM!  Sorry guys, had to bump back the time a little earlier because I’m taking my boys to Mission Peak in Fremont for a Boy Scout Rim Rover hike and we need to head out early!  If this is too early for you, I totally understand.  The good news is that if you get up early you’ll be done early and will be able to get a jump start on your day!


  1. Park Fitness  – Social Distancing is Next Thursday, June 4th 8am!  I had a soft launch of my Park Fitness class this morning and it went very well!  Because of the format of Park Fitness, it’s very easy to social distance and still be a part of a class.  We used the parking lots and curbs and were able to get running drills in along with a full body work out using our body weight!  If you’d like to join us, please text me soon because I don’t want more than 8 people to allow for safe SD.


  1. Barre Blend – Monday June 1st 6pm & Wednesday June 3rd 7am  I’m going to try mixing Barre Blend up a bit next week and offer an evening and a morning class.  Please mark these down on your calendar and let me know if you’d like to join!

Those are the update for today!  I’m SO loving doing this much fitness with you guys every week!  If you haven’t had a chance to try an on-line class yet, I encourage you to give it a try!  It’s really amazing how we can really connect as a community in this way!  My fitness business will forever be changed because of technology!  I will always be able to offer both in-person and on-line training options for you guys!  There’s always a sliver lining to a cloud and God provides exactly what we need!  For this, I am eternally grateful and so thankful for the awesome community that I have the privilege of training!  You guys rock! 


Love ya,