Marie Bennett, Pleasanton CA

Before I started your classes, I would get headaches almost everyday (so taking Tylenol almost every day), heart burn almost every night (popping Antacids like they were candy) and my doctors had told me that my cholesterol levels were on the rise!!  Hand on heart, I can honestly say, I have had one headache and no heartburn in the past 3-months and my cholesterol levels are now at a more reassuring level. I have found I don’t want to eat ‘rubbish’ food anymore.  No more muffins, chips, cookies or frappachino drinks anymore.  This did come as a shock to me, since I thought this would be the hardest part of my new regime.  But I really don’t want any of those “goodies(!!)” anymore. Jen, I think your classes are awesome.  Your blog is so helpful, your enthusiasm is infectious and I am so thankful to you for helping me turn my life around. – Marie Bennett, Pleasanton CA

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