Julie Jee, Pleasanton CA

At the start of the year, I joined one of Jen’s group classes.  It was the best fitness decision I ever made.  From the very first class, it was far superior to even one-on-one personal trainer sessions I had in the past.  She made me like exercising for the first time in my life!  Her classes are never the same and she’s constantly switching things up so it’s never boring.

Jen not only has the expert level knowledge of her field, she has what I think is the X factor among truly gifted personal trainer and fitness professionals: caring for your body as much as you do.  And because she truly cares it means she optimizes each exercise movement for your body without injury, pushing you when she expertly deems you can handle it and stopping you when you’re not quite ready.  Either way, she makes you feel encouraged to keep trying.  I recommend her to anyone at any level of fitness.  Her skills are that dynamic and she is that good!  – Julie Jee, Pleasanton CA

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