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Personal Training

Personal Training
To maximize results, it is recommended that you meet with Jen at least once or twice a week for an extended period of time. The first session is designed to conduct a variety of assessments.

Assessments include: measuring weight, circumference measurements in hips and waist, body mass index or BMI, body fat percentage, step tests with heart rate zone, push-ups, sit-up, flexibility and balance testing.

Jen’s home gym offers a variety of work out tools such as foam rollers for self myofascial release, stability balls, TRX suspension training system, Dynamax Medicine Balls, Spri Slam Balls, resistance bands, free weights, BOSU’s, steps and gliding discs – all designed to strengthen core, balance, flexibility and cardio drills.

Jen will discuss your overall fitness goals, along with nutritional counseling, and will come up with a plan to lose weight, strengthen, tone and cardio conditioning. The following outlines fees for personal training packages.

20 Minute Check-In With Jen
New Offering!

Feel like you need more accountability? Need some help with nutrition? Want some additional exercises to target certain muscle groups? Need a wellness coach who has your best interests at heart? If you answered “yes,” then perhaps this 20- minute check in is for you! We can meet once a week, every two weeks, or once a month, and we’ll focus on the specific things that are roadblocks to your health and wellness goals. I’m passionate about healthy living, while incorporating mobility and nutrition, so I’ll take my expertise and guide you through ideas, new tools, exercise tips, or just being there to listen as you process through your issues.
Class is by appointment only at Jen’s studio. Cost is $25.

Fees for Individuals

60 minutes – $70 per session.
45 minutes – $55 per session.
30 minutes – $40 per session.

Partner Fees

Partner Training

60 minutes – $85 per session
45 minutes – $70 per session
30 minutes – $55 per session

Family training – A fun and unique way to get the whole family moving emphasizing calisthenics, basic core training and games – Price varies.

Group Exercise

Group  Exercise

Class Schedule

Saturday: 45 minute Boot Camp 7:30am-8:15am is offered at Valley Bible Church every Saturday morning and is a group exercise format for the intermediate to advanced exerciser. Come and join us as we change up the pace utilizing HIIT training combined with body weight training, partner and team drills, quarterly fitness challenges, running and sprint drills, and a variety of agility, balance, and core training. We exercise outdoors in the summer months and indoors in inclement weather. Preview Bootcamp

For equipment, we use stability balls, Dynamax medicine balls, Spri Slam Balls, Spri Deadweight Slam Balls, dumbbells, Bosus’, glider discs, battling ropes, sand bags, resistance bands, and the best of all – our bodies! For our cardio drills, we use agility ladders, stairs, obstacle courses with cones, balance pods and steps. You’ll need a good pair of running shoes, layered clothing, a bottle of water and willingness to learn and participate.

Tuesday: Cardio Core 5:45-6:30pm, 6:40-7:25pm, and 7:35-8:20pm is offered every Tuesday night at Jen’s personal training home studio with a small group training format for up to six people. An intense 45 minutes focused on core, balance, and flexibility training. You will be using a variety of core training equipment such as: the Bosu, TRX, stability ball, gliding discs, Bender Ball, tubing, medicine balls, and a variety of isometric exercises in order to strengthen your entire body and increase proprioception. This class is by appointment only. Please contact Jen for address and sign-up.

Thursday: Cardio Fusion 5:45pm-6:30pm and 6:40pm-7:25pm is offered at Valley Bible Church every Thursday night and is a fun packed 45 minutes of HIIT training with a variety of fitness styles including: Medicine Ball work outs, boot camp drills, boxing with MMA style, horizontal conditioning, full body resistance with functional training, agility, core and balance. All levels are welcomed!

Class Fees

First session for any class is a free trial!
Bring a friend to any class and you receive a free class!

$15 drop in rate for 45 minute class
$50 for four 45 minute classes
$95 for eight 45 minute classes
$135 for twelve 45 minute classes

Payment method: I accept either cash, check, PayPal, or credit card. Please note there is a 3% charge for PayPal and Square.

Nutrition Basics Class

Nutrition Basics Class
This class offers a field–trip style with a hands on approach to learning about basic nutrition principles. The class is taught at Trader Joe’s because it’s an excellent environment for small groups and they offer a variety of healthy foods and snacks.


The class is one hour and will cover topics such as: reading nutrition labels, recognizing processed foods, understanding good carbs/bad carbs, healthy combinations of proteins and carbs, healthy snack ideas, meal planning, eating well on a budget and learning how to recognize hidden artificial sweeteners, glutamates, trans fats and sugar. Class also discusses some of the cautions to consider when eating soy and gluten.
This class is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to shop for healthier foods, get snack and meal ideas the whole family will enjoy, and become more empowered in understanding how to read labels and identify processed foods and chemicals.


Cost is $35 and a packet of nutrition literature and articles will be provided. A minimum of four people is required to book a class.


To show how much I appreciate your support in referring friends and family to me, I’ve come up with the following referral program:

Refer or bring a friend to boot camp – your boot camp session is free
Refer or bring two friends to boot camp – two boot camp sessions are free
Refer a friend for personal training who books an 8 week session or more, 2 sessions free boot camp.