MMB – How’s Your January Looking?

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and feeling energized out there!  Excellent job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week!  January is off to a rockin’ start and I LOVE seeing the commitment and hard work you are all putting into your work outs and clean eating!  Admit it – you are feeling better right?  This fitness and nutrition stuff really works!  🙂 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Tuesday – Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio:  5:45pm class is full   6:55pm class has 2 spots open   7:35pm class has 3 spots open.  Please text or e-mail me to sign up!
  2. Thursday – Cardio Fusion is CX due to a family commitment. 
  3. Saturday – 3rd Winter Fitness Challenge!  Come out and be inspired, motivated, and let’s burn up hundreds of calories and shed fat!
  4. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Classes 1/28 & 2/4 7pm  4 people minimum required.  Cost is $35.  See Jen to sign up!

Winter Fitness Challenge for 1/19 

Fitness Tests:

Davies’ Test Winners

1st place – Joanne Vieira 125

2nd place – Christy Stevens 123

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo 117

Honorable Mention – Erin Campbell 113


Push-Ups 1 minute

1st place – Joanne Vieira 75

2nd place – Melissa Judge  – 69

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 65

Honorable Mention – Debbie Robison 55  & Erin Campbell 51


Sit-Ups 1 minute

1st place – Bernadette Calvo – 43

2nd place – Erin Campbell – 36

3rd place – Janeen Wheeler – 31

Honorable Mention – Joanne Vieira 25 & Ken Vieira 22

Awesome job everyone!  Let’s keep up the great work and compare our stats in the next few weeks to find out how much stronger you are!

Pictures from Saturday’s Challenge:

Thought for the week:  How’s Your January?

O.k. gang, it’s check in time.  How are you all doing?  Are you still on the clean eating and detox wagon or has the wind left your sails?  Or, perhaps you never started clean eating after the holidays?  Never fear, it’s not too late to start! 

I think it’s important for you to ask yourself how do you feel?  Do you feel like crap?  Are you exhausted and dragging throughout the day?  Do you have mental fog?  Do you have bloat and gas issues?  Does your body feel heavy and sluggish? 

If you have any of these symptoms, your body is giving you plenty of warning signs that things are off balance.  When we are getting proper rest, nutrition, and active and intense bouts of exercise throughout the week, you should be feeling youthful, energized, and very capable.  Generally speaking, your mood should also be more positive and uplifted due to those wonderful endorphins that are released into your body from exercise. 

So, if you are off-kilter and aren’t feeling your best, let’s change things up and help you to feel and look your best so you can take on life and live life to your fullest potential!

  1.  Sleep is King!  If you are burning the midnight oil, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  You are robbing yourself of those important hours you need for rest and cellular repair in your body.  You are also not giving yourself enough time to go into deep REM.  There’s also a ton of research on how weight gain is tied to not getting enough sleep and how our sleep hormones are disrupted.  This becomes a vicious cycle and is tough to break.  Aim for hitting the sack around 10pm.  You may have to change some things up in your lifestyle.  Don’t watch revved up shows that are highly stimulating.  Limit screen time because the type of light coming off of your computer screen tells your brain it’s daylight and time to be energized and awake!  Try drinking a hot herbal tea, reading a good book, and/or taking a hot bath or shower before going to bed. 


  1. How’s your gut health?  Make sure you are eating enough prebiotic foods and probiotic foods.  Prebiotic foods are your green leafies and veggies that are highly alkaline.  These foods create an environment in your gut that allows your gut flora to flourish.  Eat probiotic foods to replenish your supply of good bacteria so you have ample forces to defeat the enemy of bad bacteria!  The more sugary and processed foods you  consume, the more toxic of an environment for your good bacteria.  Capiche?


  1. Feeling tired?  Sometimes when we are tired, it’s actually because we are dehyrated.  Make sure you are getting enough fluid in your diet everyday.  A good way to check is to look at your urine for color and smell.  We want to see a pale yellow and low odor 🙂  Mix up your liquids so you don’t get bored!  Herbal teas, lemon water, kombucha, coconut water etc.


  1. Make sure you are getting enough quality nutrients in your food.  When you hit the wall at 3pm, don’t reach for a cookie or empty calorie snack.  Think protein and living food. Think of the rainbow and the colors that should be in your foods.   Ideas:  An apple and a small handful of nuts would be idea.  Chopped veggies and hummus.  Good quality seed cracker with a little bit of tuna.  Homemade protein bars.  Chia seed pudding.  In a pinch -1/2 RX bars or Kind Bars. 


  1. Are you bringing your best into your work outs?  I know many of us do 30 minute fitness.  And, this time commitment can absolutely work, but there are rules.  If you are going to exercise for 30 minutes, it must be with focus and bouts of intensity.  You must get your heart rate up, get to the point of sweat, and feel like you are kind of “dying” at a couple of points.  You know what I mean when I say “dying” right?  LOL!  Super hard!! 

I hope this helps guys!  Let’s do this thing!

See you in class soon!


MMB – 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge Has Begun!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I am choosing to have sunshine within today!  I am NOT a lover of dark and dreary days, so I’m gonna shine from the inside out 🙂  Well, January is off to an amazing start!  The 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge began this past Saturday and it was an awesome of turn out of 20 people who were a combination of regulars, newbies, and returning oldies now newbies again!  If you don’t know someone in class, make sure to reach out and say, “Hi” to someone new and welcome the to the Jen Allan Fitness family! 

For every Challenge, there is always a selection of fitness tests and timed fitness sequences.  While the format is similar from week to week, the exercises are changed up so multiple muscle groups are being worked every Saturday and you won’t get BORED!   I hate boring fitness, don’t you? LOL! 

Let’s take on January and rise up to the Challenge with clean eating, clean drinking, hard workouts, and a can-do spirit!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday:  5:45pm class is full, 6:55pm class is full, 7:35pm has 4 spots open.  Please let me know if you’d like to be on a waiting list for the first two classes or try making it out to the third class!


  1. Cardio Fusion is at VBC Thursday!  Come on out for a 60 minute class from 5:45pm to 6:45pm or a 30 minute class from 6:55pm to 7:25pm! 


  1. 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge is happening now!  It’s not too late to join in the fun!  I can weigh and measure you this week!


  1. Trader Joe’s Shopping & Nutrition classes!   Needing some nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas?  Let’s gather together at the Pleasanton Trader Joe’s for a 60 minute class that will cover how to read labels, how to identify health and gut disrupting ingredients, and how to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your lifestyle.  2 classes offered:  Monday, January 28th at 7pm and Monday, February 4th at 7pm.  Cost is $35.  Please see Jen to sign up! A minimum of four people is required and a max of six people.


For this past Saturday during, here are the top placers for the fitness tests:

60 minute class

Davies’ Test:  Joanne Vieira – 120, Bernie Calvo – 118, & Ken Vieira – 100

Push-Up Test 1 min:  Joanne Vieira – 75, Ken Vieira – 47, & Pete Calvo – 38

Sit-up Test 1 min:  Bob Allan – 36, Bernie Calvo – 32, & Janeen Wheeler – 29

30 minute class

Davies’ Test:  Christy Stevens – 119, Erin Campbell – 108, & Vanessa Perez – 98

Push-Up Test 1 min:  Erin Campbell – 46, Debbie Robison – 45, & Kathy Schalin – 25 toes/35 knees

Sit-up Test 1 min:  Theresa Rivas – 46, Paula Allen – 43, & Chris Rivas – 37


Timed Obstacle Course, Stations, and Run:

60 minute class

1st place – Joanne Vieira 20:20

2nd place – Christi Stevenson 20:50

3rd place – Ken Vieira – 21:09


30 minute class

1st place and only finisher of entire circuit! – Vanessa Perez! 

Congratulations to everyone who came out on Saturday, worked hard, and had great attitudes!

Here are some photos from Saturday:

Let’s keep it going everyone!  I love the effort! 



MMB – It’s Detox Time!

Hi Everyone,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are getting back to clean eating, moving, hydration, and good sleep!  These are the keys in helping your body to ward off those nasty cold and flu bugs that are lurking around every corner! 

Sorry this blog is coming a day late, but our power and internet were down for a good chunk of Sunday and Monday.  I dare not complain because these are truly first world problems, right?! 

First of all, great job to everyone who was able to make it out to Walking Boot Camp on New Year’s Day!  It was a beautiful and sunny day and it felt GOOD to get out and move!  You’ll be seeing more Walking Boot Camps in the near future!

Walking Boot Camp Crew 2019!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tonight!  If you’d like to join us for an awesome class of cardio, resistance, and core, please e-mail or text me to sign up!  5:45pm to 6:45pm is full.  6:55pm to 7:25pm 2 spots available & 7:35pm to 8:05pm 6 spots open.


  1. Cardio Fusion this Thursday at VBC!  I’d love to see two full classes this Thursday, so please let me know which time you prefer – either 5:45pm to 6:45pm or 6:55pm to 7:25pm!  If I have three people or more for 6:55pm, then it’s a go for a 30 minute class!  Otherwise, there will be one class from 5:45pm to 6:45pm for both 30 min. and 60 min. clients. 


  1. 6 -Winter Fitness Challenge Begins this Saturday!  Come out and get weighed, measured, and let’s take care of any lingering holiday pounds!  Class format will incorporate fitness tests and timed challenges that will motivate and inspire you!  We’ll weigh and measure again in six weeks to find out who the biggest reducers are! 


  1. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Classes are here! Needing some nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas?  Let’s gather together at the Pleasanton Trader Joe’s for a 60 minute class that will cover how to read labels, how to identify health and gut disrupting ingredients, and how to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your lifestyle.  2 classes offered:  Monday, January 28th at 7pm and Monday, February 4th at 7pm.  Cost is $35.  Please see Jen to sign up!


  1. Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday, January 20th at 11am!


  1. New Recipe!  Asian Inspired Roasted Veggies and Sprouted Rice!  Go to recipes page.



Thought for the week:  It’s Detox Time! 

Why is every trainer, nutritionist, and health guru out there talking about detox after the holidays?  Because we need it!  Think about what changes over the course of the holidays.  Our sleep schedules, eating schedules, work out schedules and stress is all out of whack!  And, we wonder why we feel so bloated, sluggish, and tired when January 1 rolls around.  Thankfully, the holidays are short lived and yes, we enjoy them, but living this way for too long is dangerous to our health and well being. 

So, let’s get back to clean eating and living shall we?

Here are some detox tips to help you get back on track and feeling better fast!

  1.  Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Every day increase your fluid intake and experiment with water.  Try water with lemon, water infused with blended celery, hot herbal teas with lemon, lemon detox water with apple cider vinegar, and Kombucha.  Now is the time to reduce inflammation, not increase it.  Lay off of alcohol, sugary drinks, and if needed – caffeine!
  2. Drink your meals in the morning.  Our metabolism and gut health take a beating over the holidays, so try drinking your breakfast instead to speed up your metabolism and give your digestion a break.  If you are up to the task of green juicing and have a home juicer, head to the store and stalk up on dark, green leafy veggies along with all of the other juicing ingredients (see my recipes page).  If you don’t have time to juice, go to places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Costco, and buy cold pressed juices.  Make sure they aren’t the ones that are loaded up with sugar such as the Odwalla juices.   You can also sip on hot bone broths throughout the day too! 
  3. If you have holiday treats and cookies still in your home, then throw them away!  Out with the trash and in with the good stuff!  Stock your fridge with containers filled with chopped veggies, fruits, grab and go hummus, or chia seed pudding.  Make your own homemade protein bars so they are ready to eat when you are in need of a protein boost in the afternoon.  Check out my recipes page.
  4. January is an awesome month for soups and stews!  Load up your stew pot with tons of leafy greens, onions, garlic, lentils, and good quality broth.  Use an immersion blender to make your soup thick and creamy – without the cream!  Soups are great too because you have leftovers for a few days.  Try to stick to vegetarian soups and give your digestion a break by eating foods that are simpler to digest.
  5. Rest is king!  Make sure you are not burning the midnight oil and are making sure to get to bed by around 1opm.  When we are tired and run down is when we get sick! 
  6. Get back to your work out routine as fast as possible!  Working your body hard and weaving in rest is the key to staying healthy and strong!  You need a minimum of three days a week of a combination of cardio, resistance, and core to see results and improve fitness!
  7. Morning Swamp Gruel – see my recipes page.  Here’s a picture:


Let’s make 2019 awesome!

MMB – 2018 is a Wrap!

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve?  Where has the year gone?  As I’ve taken a break this past week from training and classes, I’ve had a wonderful time with my family and friends and I hope you’ve done this same!  Now that I’m sitting down to write the last blog of 2018, I can’t help but to reflect back on this past year with fondness and inspiration as I envision so many of your faces!  For those of you who are regulars, do you realize we have gathered together to do more than 100 hours of fitness together!?  Wow – that’s a lot of time we have spent together sweating, grunting, laboring, and yes, getting more fit, capable, and healthy! 

I’ve seen many of you start off as beginners and have watched you take your fitness to the next level and become a force to be reckoned with!  Do you know what all of these clients have in common?  They all have: determination, work ethic, and consistency.  Every single person who I can think of who has flourished this year has focused on those three words.  This is not an easy road folks.  But, doing the right thing never is.  If you were to ask any of them if all of the pain and work was worth it, I guarantee you they would say absolutely!  Why?  Because they feel so much better and are more confident, capable, and committed to living a vibrant and healthy life! 

As we begin a new year and chance to start over, let’s focus on how we want to look, feel, and behave and what are we sick and tired of being sick and tired about?  Let’s get laser focused and come together to conquer our fears and break down walls of doubt, negative self talk, and feelings of inadequacy and inabilities.  When these seeds are sown into our minds and souls, the fruit that comes from them is toxic and poisonous.  When we sow seeds of hope, faith, belief, perseverance, and positive thoughts, good fruit is harvested and the outcome is always a spiral upwards instead of down. 

Let’s be the people that go out into the world and uplift and encourage others by the words we speak and the kindness we share.  While there are many things in this world that we can’t control, we can certainly control our attitude and reactions to events around us.  How we react, behave, and speak sends a message about who we are and what we stand for.  When we are more fit, we have a greater capacity to serve, love, and focus on others because we have the energy and stamina to do so. 

As a Christian, I draw my strength from the Lord because it is He who equips and strengthens me daily.  It is this strength that I draw from when I’m training you that allows me to serve your needs and take care of you. 

So, in wrapping up 2018, let’s celebrate all that we have achieved together and realize that the best is yet to come!  Let’s make 2019 an awesome year of dedication to health and wellness as we strive to reach new goals that will catapult is into greater living, love, and a joy filled and abundant life!


A few images to ponder heading into 2019!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  New Year’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out and kick off 2019 at Jen’s home studio at 11am.  We’ll warm up and head out for a field trip around the Pleasanton Sports Park doing a variety of power walking mixed with strength and core drills!  All levels are welcomed!  Drop in cost is $15 or use a 60 minute class card. 
  2. Cardio Fusion is Thursday at VBC!  Let’s get things going again and come out for a mid-week cardio, strength, and core class!  Classes are 5:45pm to 6:45pm for 60 minute and 6:55pm to 7:25pm for 30 minute class.
  3. 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge begins on January 12th at VBC!  Come out and get weighed and measured and then weighed and measured six weeks later!  Let’s find out who the biggest reducers will be!  This format will feature a variety of fitness tests, timed challenges, and opportunities to push harder so you can increase your strength, endurance, and stamina!
  4. Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday, January 20th at 11am!



MMB – Christmas Boot Camp Brunch 2018!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season to its fullest and giving thanks to God for all your blessings!  This past Saturday was my annual Christmas Boot Camp and Brunch!  Yup, you do the hour boot camp and you get fed by Mama Jen!  I provide this brunch as a way of saying, “Thank-you” so much to everyone who attends my classes throughout the year! 

Without you, there would be no Jen Allan Fitness!  I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to train with you guys on a regular basis.  Thank you for placing your trust and faith in me that I will provide a level of fitness that will not only challenge and inspire you, but keep you safe in the process where strength is built and injury is avoided. 

I know there were quite a few of you who were home ill this past Saturday and I pray that you will heal quickly and get back to living life to its fullest!  This is the time of year when those nasty cold and flu viruses start wreaking havoc on our health.  I have included some tips and reminders at the bottom of the blog for you to review so that you can skate through this winter season feeling healthy and avoiding sickness.

For this blog, I’ll list the announcements and reminders, Christmas Boot Camp photos for you to check out, and the holiday cold/flu tips to staying healthy. Sound good?  Let’s go!


Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday!  Please text or e-mail me if you’d like to sign up for class!  I currently have spaces in all three classes. 
  2. Cardio Fusion will be at VBC this Thursday, December 20th.  Please note there will be NO Cardio Fusion, December 27th.
  3. Boot Camp is ON for December 22nd and 29th!  Let’s manage those holiday calories and make it out to Boot Camp the last two Saturdays of the month.
  4. Nutrition Happenings Poll – I am brainstorming ideas for a January Nutrition Happenings in my home again.  I would LOVE to hear some ideas about the types of topics you’d like to hear about.  What types of foods would you like to sample and learn more about?  Do you need help with snack ideas?  Meal Ideas?  How to incorporate more plant based eating into your lifestyle?  Shoot me a text or e-mail and let me know your thoughts.  This class is designed to help YOU, so please share your ideas 🙂
  5. New Year’s Day Walking Boot Camp at 11am!  Mark your calendar for the New Year and let’s gather together to kick off 2019 with some awesome fitness together!  This class is for beginners through intermediate and all fitness levels are welcomed.  Exercises can be ramped up or down depending on your needs. 
  6. Holiday packages are currently available through 12/31.  See me if you are interested!


Winter Promo Packages Winter Promo Packages

Photos from Christmas Boot Camp Brunch 2018!

Monster Band Squats and Overhead Presses!  Way to go Kim Mehr, Christi Stevenson and Pete Calvo

Erin Campbell rocking those med ball slams!

Say hello to med ball plank holds!  Awesome job Christi, Kim, and Pete!

Check out those walking lunges with posterior deltoid flys!  Awesome job Andrew Allan, Ken Vieira, and Joanne Vieira!

Check out Lynnda Philbrook’s Prono Iso Cobra, or as I like to call it – Iron Man Hold!

More walking lunges and flys, along with iso lunge hold tubing rows!  Check out Lynnda Philbrook’s excellent form!  Rock on Lynnda!

More iso lunge holds and tubing rows!  Way to go Kim and Christi!

Check out all this awesome core work – Russian med balls in v-sits & med ball planks!

Stability ball knee tucks and planks!  Way to go Christi!

These are a round of squats with med ball front raises!  Excellent work Lynnda and Kathy!

Look at those smiling faces on Paula Allen and Ken Vieira’s faces!  Boot campers are happy campers!

Ken Vieira rocking those med ball push-up passes!

More med ball chop and slams – Kathy Schalin at work!

Stability ball plank holds!  Awesome job Christi, Kim, and Pete!

Hello sumo squats and bicep med ball pulses!  Say hi to your adductors and biceps!

Lynnda Philbrook showing how to do a plank hold with toes on a med ball! 

Way to go Pete!  Awesome plank with toes on the med ball!

It’s corny Christmas joke time!  I can tell Andrew Allan loves the one he read!  LOL!

Joanne Vieira, Andrew Allan, Paula Allen, and Ken Vieira


How to stay healthy during the holidays – tips by Jen

  1.  Rest is king!  I cannot stress this enough.  I know it’s hard, but please try to get in bed earlier.  Staying up past midnight to get tasks done will not do you any favors, even if you are getting work accomplishes.  Why?  Because you are robbing your body’s ability to rest and repair so your cells will have the energy needed to get you through the following day.  When we have a sleep deficit, this is the recipe of how we become run down and are vulnerable to illness.  There are a multitude of sleep studies out there showing how important it is to get a few hours of sleep before midnight.  I know it’s hard, but try adjusting your schedule and getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier if needed. 


  1. Avoid sugar.  I know, I know….you are saying I’m crazy! It’s the holidays after all!   As a reminder, sugar feeds the bad bacteria in our gut and makes our good bacteria wilt in ability!  It’s known that about 80% of our immune system is in our gut.  So, healthy gut bugs are your defenders.  Do you remember the film, “A Bug’s Life?”  Remember the term, “Warrior Bugs?”  LOL!  I am always telling my boys that we are feeding our warrior bugs in our gut when we say no to sugar and yes to fermented foods like Kombucha or pickles vegetables.  So, try your best to limit sugar and do NOT eat Christmas cookies every day 🙂


  1. Drink immune supporting liquids.  Train your taste buds to enjoy green juices (not loaded with sugar)  These are prebiotic foods that will help support your gut bugs.  Kombucha is a probiotic because it’s a fermented tea that is loaded with good gut bugs!  Say NO to soda and yes to Kombucha!  Get into drinking herbal teas that are anti-inflammatory.  Think green tea and chamomille.  Check out this article on teas:


  1. De-stress yourself!  Almost everyone I’m speaking with right now is overwhelmed by the holidays.  Guess what stress does to us?  Yup, it makes us sick.  Protect your mind and body and find ways to destress such as exercise, meditate or pray, pet your cat or dog, take a hot shower or bath, listen to soothing music, get a massage.  Here is a link to an article by Healthline with good reminders about what stress does to our bodies:  


  1. Are you spewing positive or negative?  What’s coming out of your mouth right now?  Are you complaining a lot and griping about life?  Are you hanging around people who are gossiping or spreading negative too?  What we think and say has impact on our mind and body.  When we speak positively and put a smile on our face instead of a frown, our body responds to this and we actually stay healthier!  So, watch your tongue and spread positive around you instead of negative.  Love is more powerful and makes the world a better place and keeps you healthier!


  1. Eat berries every day.  These are amazing super foods packed with antioxidants that boost your immunity! 


  1. Eat mushrooms!  Mushrooms provide an amazing boost to our immune system.  Make sure they are cooked though and experiment with different types of mushrooms.  Check out this article:


  1. Eat greens!  Steam them, roast them, juice them, smoothie them, eat them raw!  However you can get greens into you, enjoy dark green leafies because they will feed your warrior bugs!


That’s it for today everyone!  Stay healthy out there!


See you guys soon!



MMB-Winter Promos are Here!

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend during this Christmas season!  Excellent job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week!  Aren’t you glad you are choosing to move and keep momentum going instead of diving into the the couch potato world and eating way too many Christmas cookies!  Well, o.k., maybe a few Christmas cookies sneak in there, but you are working hard right?! 

Announcements and Reminders:

1) Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday & Thursday night this week!  For Tuesday, I currently have (1) opening at 5:45pm, (4) openings at 6:55pm, and (4) openings at 7:35pm. 

For this week, VBC is using the MPR, so I’ll teach Cardio Fusion from my home studio.  If you’d like to sign up for Tuesday or Thursday classes, please text or e-mail me to sign up!  It’s the holidays, so every work out counts!

2Christmas Boot Camp & Brunch is happening Saturday, December 15th!  Come to this special boot camp where you will work hard, burn up hundreds of calories, shed fat, and yes, get fed a Christmas Brunch by me!  It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you who have come to my classes or personal training faithfully all year long!  Class is from 7am to 8am.  You are welcome to do either 30 minutes or the full hour.  Bring your family and have them work out with you!  Please let me know how many in your group are coming so I can plan food accordingly.  Can’t wait!

3)  Winter Promos are Here!  Now until the end of December, I am offering special pricing on promo packages that are a combination of personal training, group-ex class cards, and nutritional counseling.  These packages would make an ideal gift to give someone who is a beginner or needs some guidance to get started back up again.  Pricing will increase after January 1st, so take advantage of these promo packages now and bless someone who you love and want to inspire to live a healthy and vibrant life!

MMB – The Holidays are Here…Now What?

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you are all doing well out there and are getting into the holiday spirit!  Great job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week.  I am so encouraged to see so many of you trying to stay consistent as possible during the holidays.  This is the key guys!  We gotta keep it moving as often as we can!  Let’s take care of business, right?!

1) Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night!  I currently have (3) openings at 5:45pm, (4) openings at 6:55pm, and (4) openings at 7:35pm.  Please text or e-mail me to sign up!  It’s the holidays, so every work out counts!

2Christmas Boot Camp & Brunch is happening Saturday, December 15th directly after the 2nd boot camp!  Come to this special boot camp where you will work hard, burn up hundreds of calories, shed fat, and yes, get fed a Christmas Brunch by me!  It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you who have come to my classes or personal training faithfully all year long!

3Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday December 9th at 11am!  All levels welcomed!  Meet at Jen’s Studio for a 60 minute class that is low impact and will incorporate strength and core drills!


Thought for the week:  The Holidays are Here….Now What?


I was speaking with one of my clients a few days ago and she said, “Jen, it’s only November 30th and I’m already exhausted with the holidays!”  Isn’t that the truth though?  Yes, this is an absolutely exhausting time of year, especially if you are a parent!  We are the “magic” makers! 

Everything around us is a sensory overload with the message that Christmas is all about excess and stuff!  The more stuff you buy, the happier you’ll be!  How false is that!  Well, as a Christian I try my best to keep things simple and shut out the “noise” of the season and focus on Christ’s birth.  Everything is immensely better for me when I focus on this truth. 

The month of December is a wonderful month filled with all kinds of holiday traditions, activities, and a time to visit and catch up with old friends and family members.  It’s also a time when we become overwhelmed.  I think the more overwhelmed we become, the more we should strive to simplify.  Instead of saying, “yes” to every holiday invitation that comes along, perhaps say “no” to a few and have a fun family game night or special outing with your family. 

How do the holidays affect our health?  Well, we typically eat out more and as a result take in more sugar, sodium, refined carbohydrates, rich foods filled with cream sauces and saturated fats, and don’t forget holiday cocktails and desserts!  No wonder we start feeling like crap!  This takes a toll on our work outs too because we feel waited down and more fatigued due to the types of foods we are eating.  It also wreaks havoc on our blood sugar spiking and falling.  Not good guys.

As I have often said before and will repeat again, deprivation equals failure.  I want you guys to enjoy the holidays, but….every day can’t be a holiday!  So, I encourage you to be good during the week by eating clean whole foods that are home made and nutrient dense.  Hydrate well with lots of water, sleep 7-8 hours a night, and work out as often as you can.  On the weekend, be selective.  Enjoy yourself, but still live within boundaries.  Make sense?

For work outs, If you can stay consistent with a minimum of three days per week for 30 minutes, and weave in some intensity, you’ll stay ahead of the curve.  If you are struggling to stay motivated during this time of year, please reach out to me and let’s schedule a few personal training sessions to help keep you going. 

I also encourage you to try switching up your favorite holiday baked goods with healthier ingredients such as non-sweetened applesauce for sweetness and moisture.  Try coconut oil instead of butter.  For flour, try using a blend of nut flours or rice and oat flour for a more nutrient dense flour.  You can check out my recipe page for some ideas too.  My pumpkin banana protein bars are delicious and my family eats them all the time!  A fork and a bowl folks! That’s all you need for equipment 🙂  I like simple because I don’t have time for complicated recipes. 

Anyway friends, we are all in this thing together.  Life is hard, but God is good 🙂  Focus on your blessings that you are surrounded with and then go out into the world and bless others with positive and encouraging words, perhaps a smile, and hugs are great too!  Spread holiday cheer by not acting like the rest of the world.  Don’t get caught up in all of the stuff.  Stuff bogs us down an takes our eyes off the things that truly matter in this world.  After all, when we leave this earth someday, it’s not our video game systems or flat screen tv’s that we take with us!  It’s the love found in relationships that matter most. 

Let’s lead the charge with living a healthy, vibrant, and positive life that lifts other people up wherever we go!  Let’s make this the best Christmas ever and live each day like it’s our last.  Can we do that friends?  Yes we can!


See you in class soon!



MMB – Thanksgiving Boot Camp Rocked!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!  Excellent work to everyone who made it out to Thanksgiving Boot Camp and Thankfulness Boot Camp!  I’ve heard from a few of you that working out hard on Thanksgiving morning made a difference in how you handled the the rest of your day.  It sounds like you guys were more mindful about your food choices and not going overboard.  One client told me that he didn’t go back for seconds, which was a huge decision!  Well done everyone!  Let’s keep our fitness going, lots of hydration, and choose wisely what you choose to put in your mouth.  Enjoy the holidays but remember that every day can’t be a holiday party! 

Announcements and Reminders:

1) Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night!  I currently have (2) openings at 5:45pm, (3) openings at 6:55pm, and (4) openings at 7:35pm.  Please text or e-mail me to sign up!  It’s the holidays, so every work out counts!

2)  Christmas Boot Camp & Brunch is happening Saturday, December 15th directly after the 2nd boot camp!  Come to this special boot camp where you will work hard, burn up hundreds of calories, shed fat, and yes, get fed a Christmas Brunch by me!  It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you who have come to my classes or personal training faithfully all year long!

3)  Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday December 9th at 11am!  All levels welcomed!  Meet at Jen’s Studio for a 60 minute class that is low impact and will incorporate strength and core drills!

4)  Some pictures of Boot Campers working hard at Thanksgiving Boot Camp!





MMB- Thanksgiving Boot Camp is Coming!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend and were able to spend time with family and friends!  I know the poor air quality and tragedy that has struck our neighbors in the north are heavy on all of our minds.  It’s difficult to fathom the level of need and supplies when thousands of people have lost their homes.  If you are feeling like you want to help the fire victims, but aren’t sure where to start, I have attached a few links where you can research a variety of ways to help out.  I know there are many churches that are partnering together to collect donations too.  My church, Valley Bible, just collected a bunch of supplies and visited the Chico area on Saturday. 

The need is great friends and anything you can do to help out will be so greatly appreciated.  As more and more news stories come out with graphic details of tragedy, I have tried to imagine what it would be like if I had lost all of my earthly possessions due to a horrific fire like the Camp Fire and it’s inconceivable.  I’m sure the outpouring of financial support and supplies tells them that they are not alone and there is always hope.  If you have a few minutes, please check out the links and consider donating in any way you can.  Thanks friends!


Announcements and Reminders:

1) Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night!  I currently have (2) openings at 5:45pm, (4) openings at 6:55pm, and (4) openings at 7:35pm.  Please text or e-mail me to sign up!  It’s Thanksgiving week, so every work out counts!

2)  Thanksgiving Boot Camp is this Thursday, November 22nd at 7:30am!  Come one, come all and let’s take care of fitness business before the big feast!  You’ll feel so much better walking into the holiday knowing that you worked out hard and sweat up a ton!  Bring your family with you and introduce them to a fun new tradition!  You are welcome to do a 30 minute class or 60 minutes.  Class is from 7:30am to 8:30am. 

3)  Saturday Boot Camp – A Thankfulness Boot Camp.  For Boot Camp on Saturday, we’ll be weaving in the things we are thankful for while doing our push-ups, squats, and running!  Class is 7am to 8am and 8:05am to 8:35am!

4)  Christmas Boot Camp & Brunch is happening Saturday, December 15th directly after the 2nd boot camp!  Come to this special boot camp where you will work hard, burn up hundreds of calories, shed fat, and yes, get fed a Christmas Brunch by me!  It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you who have come to my classes or personal training faithfully all year long!

5) Picture of Bob and I away at Carmel this weekend and drinking green juice together!

View directly underneath Pebble Beach Golf Range


Thought for the week:  It’s Holiday Time –  Choose Your Calories Wisely!

Oh how I cringe this time of year.  Yes, I love Christmas!  I’m a Christian after all, and I love the meaning of the season.  As a trainer?  Sigh – Not so much.  Temptations are everywhere and there seems to be an unspoken general consensus that calories are free this time of year and everyone should have the right to indulge in Christmas cookies every single day! 

Peppermint mochas with whip cream should be downed by the gallon, and going out to big calorie laden lunches and dinners are a regular affair.  Do you all know the Jen Allan rule?  You know, the one that says every day can’t be a party and the 80/20 rule that says you should try to eat clean 80% of the time and off the leash within moderation 20% of the time?  Well, during the holidays, most people reverse that percentage and live large 80% of the time and clean 20% of the time, or quite frankly not at all!  So, we wonder why we are so miserable when January 2nd rolls around and we can’t fit into our favorite pair of jeans!  Never fear though if this happens to you because you guys know I’m right there for you to help you get back on track!  That’s my job after all 🙂

O.k. so you might be wondering, “Jen, how can I enjoy the comforts and pleasures of the holidays and find balance?”  There is a way my friends and you can do it!  It’s called moderation. Here are some tips to keep in mind this coming holiday season:

  1.  Do NOT skip out on your workouts.  Try your very best to stay consistent because this will keep your metabolism revved up and productive so your basil metabolic rate will be higher.  This is all about the calories you burn by just walking around and living.  The more fit you are, the higher your BMR.  The more sedentary you are, the slower your BMR. 


  1. Drink plenty of water every day to help your body flush out toxins.  Vary up your hydration with lemon detox water, herbal teas, green juices, and kombucha.  Avoid soda at all costs! Diet is even worse!


  1. If you are going out to lunch or dinner, don’t pig out on the carb laden appetizers or crispy fried things!  These are fat bombs and will pack on all of those empty calories before you’ve gotten to your main meal!  Try going for the raw veggies and hummus plate or Tzaziki sauces.  Do you really need to eat three tacos at your favorite Mexican food joint?  Think about portion size?!  One or two should suffice.  Also, skip those yummy cream sauces and cheese and you’ll greatly reduce the calories consumed. 


  1. Salads are awesome, but not when they are packed with bacon bits, cheese, croutons, cream dressings, and huge amounts of animal protein.  Ask for dressing on the side and aim for vinegars and light on the oil.  If you eat a salad that is loaded with your greens and veggies, then perhaps you can indulge in a small dessert or treat.  Make sense?  Don’t make every part of the meal a holiday indulgence.  Choose your calories wisely and pick one or two things as a treat. 


  1. If you have a big event coming up on the weekend, prepare for it during the week by being really good.  The trick with all of this holiday eating is that it sabotages your taste buds and makes you crave more and more rich foods.  Sugar is the same way.  The more sugary foods you eat, the more you start to crave them and stop eating the proper amount of fruits and veggies.  This is trouble folks, so be careful!


  1. So, you are staring at the dessert table, what should you do?  Choose one or two things to enjoy, but small bites worth.  If you absolutely adore cheesecake, take a small sliver, not the entire 2-3 inch wide slice.  Try to avoid the fried pastry desserts like Cannoli filled with whip cream.  You know the ones I’m talking about right?  Danger, danger, stay away!


  1. You love holiday coffees?  Ask the barista to only give you one  pump of the sweet syrup or chocolate, instead of the 3 or 4.  Skip the whip cream and ask for almond milk.  Don’t add extra sugar to your coffee.  Go for the small size.  It will still be delicious, don’t worry!


You got this!  Let’s enjoy the holidays with MODERATION!

See you soon,



MMB – Fitness & Holiday Happenings

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and found ways to move despite the poor air quality.  Excellent work to all of the boot campers who were able to make it out this past Saturday to the last Challenge! Once again, I am so thankful for the space at Valley Bible Church, as we were able to hold the entire Boot Camp Challenge inside the church to avoid the poor air quality.  I love that we can run laps inside VBC!  Personally, I attend VBC as a Christian, and then have the fortunate opportunity to run my fitness business there and utilize the space to run boot camps!  How awesome is that!? 

Challenge Results

For the 6th Challenge, I think I was a little over zealous and made the Challenge slightly longer than it should have been!  Sometimes when I’m planning my work outs, I get very excited about a sequence and lose track of time 🙂 

So, the 7am crew finished all around the same time because of the length of class.  They were sweaty and tired, but they did it! 

Congrats to Kathy Schalin, Joanne Vieira, and Bernadette Calvo! 

For the 8:05am crew, Kathleen Jacobs and Vanessa Perez tied for 1st place.  Lynnda Philbrook came in 2nd and Wendy McHugh came in 3rd!

Honorable mention goes to Christy Stevens, Lisa Williams, and Jocelyn Lai – ( a first timer! Way to go Jocelyn!)


Weight Loss Challenge Lynnda Philbrook lost 5lbs and 3 inches around her waist!  Lynnda wins a $60 class card!


Fitness Tests for Challenge:


Davies’ Tests Overall Improvement

1st place – Joanne Vieira 52 to 117 = 65

2nd place – Lynnda Philbrook 58 to 98 = 40

3rd place – Lisa Williams 52 to 89 = 37

Honorable Mention:  Bernadette Calvo 90 to 112 = 22, Christy Stevens 111 to 124 = 13, Pete Calvo 80 to 93 = 13,


Sit-ups Overall Improvement

1st place tie – Lisa Williams & Lynnda Philbrook improved by 3


Push-Ups Improvement

1st place – Bernadette Calvo 28 to 53 on toes & 19knees to 30 knees = difference of 25 on toes and 11 on knees!

2nd place – Joanne Vieira 62 to 78 on toes = difference of 16

3rd place – Christi Stevenson 22 to 35 on toes = difference of 8

Honorable Mention: Vanessa Perez improved by 5

Congratulations to everyone who made it out to participate in the 6 week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge!  I’m proud of you guys and can see that many of you improved over the last six weeks!  Well done everyone! Now let’s keep the momentum going through the holidays so we can feel amazing and empowered!



Announcements and Reminders:

1. Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday night!  Please let me know if you’d like to sign up for classes on Tuesday night.  5:45pm to 6:45pm 60 minutes, 6:55pm to 7:25pm 30 minutes, 7:35pm to 8:05pm 30 minutes

 PLEASE NOTE: Due to changing temperatures and poor air quality, class will be held inside studio.  I can only teach a maximum of 6 clients per class.  I will send out the roster tomorrow with the client lists.  Remember, I have three classes and can accommodate up to 18 people, but have to limit six per class due to space.

2.  Cardio Fusion is at Jen’s Studio Thursday night!  VBC is doing a Thanksgiving banquet on Thursday night, so you can sign up for either a 5:45pm to 6:45pm class or 6:55pm to 7:25pm class. 

3.  Thanksgiving Boot Camp is Thursday, November 22nd from 7:30am to 8:30am!  Come out and bring your family with you to kick off Turkey Day so you can get an awesome calorie burn heading into the big feast!  Come ready some corny Thanksgiving jokes, make a “fitness meal” of Thanksgiving favorites, and have some fun working up a sweat and building muscle together!  30 minute clients are welcome too!

4. Thankfulness Boot Camp is Saturday, November 24th!  On the heels of Thanksgiving, let’s keep counting those blessings and mix this theme into an awesome boot camp to kick off the holidays!  7am and 8:05am classes available!

5.  The Pumpkin Breakfast Bars I shared on Saturday morning are posted on my recipes page!  Check it out!


Thought for the week:  Struggling to Get Your Greens In?

Come on admit it.  Sometimes it’s hard to get our greens in right?  I recently tried Amazing Grass detox and antioxidant blend at Sprouts.  It’s super easy to use.  Get a glass of water and dump a scoop in and stir.  Simply drink it down!  It actually tastes fairly mild and kind of grassy.  The picture above is actually from Costco and is similar to what I purchased at Sprouts, except that this is $5.47 at Costco for 30 servings.  The container I purchased at Sprouts was around $32 for around 30 servings!  The ingredients are almost identical and from the same company.   There are probiotics in this product, and a combination of different grass and green blends, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Is it the absolute best product on the market for super greens?  I’m not sure about that based on the reviews, but the reviews I did read said that you can’t beat the price and the quality of ingredients to make life a little simpler in downing your greens.  So gang, check it out, head to Costco, and pick up a box of grab and go greens!

See you in class soon!