MMB – Three “C’s” You Should Live By

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  How are you doing with the day lights savings change?  Did you love the fact is was still light out at 7pm last night?  This is good news right?  Now we have extended day light hours and can carve out more time for fitness – yahoo!  I don’t know about you, but everything just seems to get better when spring time rolls around!  And thankfully, with all of this rain, we can celebrate that our snow packs are deep and reservoirs are full! 


Announcements and Reminders:

    1. Celebrating March Greens Contest!  It’s time to be laser focused on our greens and clean eating!  For the month of  March, log all of your greens that you consume every day.  1 cup = 1 serving.  For example, 1 cup of salad is 1 serving.  I – 8oz cup of green juice is 1 serving.  At the end of the month, turn in your greens sheet and let’s find out who has consumed the most greens!  Winner will receive a class card!  Greens can be raw, steamed, roasted, salads, green smoothies, green juice, vegetable soups, etc. 


    1. St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp Saturday, March 16th!  Wear your Irish best and come out to this special boot camp!  Prizes for the most spirited St. Patty’s Day costume!  Instead of curling beer, let’s curl dumb bells! 


    1. St. Patrick’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out on Sunday, March 17th at 11am for some fitness together to celebrate the holiday!  Class is an hour long and all levels are welcomed! 


    1. Cardio Core is Tuesday Night at Jen’s Studio!  If you’d like to sign up for class, please text or e-mail me!


Thought for the week:  Three “C’s” You Should Live By

So, how are you doing in your fitness?  Clean eating?  Moods?  Goals?  Sleep?  You know, healthy living is kind of like a part-time job.  Have you ever noticed that?  It takes time, effort, money, mental focus, and discipline. 

It takes commitment.  What are the things you are committed to in your life?  God?  Your family?  Your occupation?  Friends?  We are all committed to something and the easiest way to discover what someone is committed to is to listen to what they choose to talk about and how they spend their time.  I want you to take a minute and think about all of the things that are important to you in life.  Got them?  O.k. now imagine that you are feeling very energized, physically capable, and are positive minded doing the things you love.  When challenges arise, you step up and do the best you can, even if the outcome is negative and disappointing. 

O.k. that’s one image.  Now imagine for a moment doing all of the things you love, but in all actuality, you can’t really do ALL the things you love because you aren’t physically capable.  You lack energy often and most people find you difficult to be around because you are constantly in a bad mood and kind of down.  You are a person who comes up with excuses often and are in a mode of justification constantly.

In looking at both of those scenarios, which one do you think represents a person who is physically fit, eats a balanced diet, and is sleeping well?  The first person mentioned is obviously someone who has committed their time and energy into exercise, clean eating, and self care with proper rest and balance.  If you want the fruit of a positive life with vibrancy and capability, then you MUST commit to the steps involved to bear good fruit on your tree.  What you do every day will ultimately determine either a positive or negative outcome.  How does disease happen?  If you take a week off of exercise and eat nothing but burgers and fries, is this going to kill you?  Probably not, but you’ll feel like crap.

What about if you eat burgers and fries most of the time and don’t exercise?  Eating high amounts of animal protein, fried foods, a diet void of fruits and vegetables, will most likely lead a person to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a host of other related illnesses.  And where does this lead?  Well, it’s not a pretty picture friends and I guarantee you this person is feeling sick all of the time, is on large doses of medication, is lacking energy and stamina, and is most certainly NOT living their optimal life! 

How about consistency?  Many people have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year to get fit and lose weight!  Right?  Have you noticed that by about this time of the year, the New Year’s Resolution zeal that many people had three months ago is slowly losing momentum?  Do you know why?  Because it takes consistency to stay focused on goals.  Well, o.k……but how do we stay consistent?  First of all, community is a must.  If you are trying to make changes in your life and you are trying to do it by yourself, your fail ratio will be much higher.  We need community for many reasons, but probably the most important reason is for accountability.  When we have friends that are going through the same hard things we are, we are less likely to quit.  Also, all of us need encouragement, so when we gather together, we are taking time to encourage one another. 

Another way to stay consistent is to schedule meal planning, shopping, and exercise into your calendar as an appointment.  We do this with everything else that’s important in our lives, so why not fitness and nutrition?  Schedule those things into your week and you’ll have a higher probably of getting them accomplished. 

Also, come up with some fitness goals for yourself.  Races are great, but you don’t have to sign up for a race to accomplish fitness goals.  Maybe you want to increase your hiking stamina, so you plan a longer hike in the next few weeks that will take a few hours?  Take a friend along and do it together!  Have you increased your weights in a while?  What about mixing up your fitness routine?

Change happens due to commitment and consistency.  If you have stayed on course with clean eating, exercise, proper rest, and are staying ahead of stress, then you are on your way to transformation and change.  Some of you are already in this state and have significantly changed your behaviors and lives the past several months or few years.  And you know what?  It shows!  You are the people who stand out in a crowd and are able to be highly functioning people, who feel good most of the time, and are more positive minded.  You look good in your clothes and your skin is clear and vibrant.  You smile more too 🙂

Are there bumps along the way?  Of course.  Do you have feelings of wanting to quit a healthy lifestyle because it’s a pain in the butt?  Yes.  But you know better.   You know that if you give up and quit all of the healthy actions and choices every day, that you’ll end up sick and diseased and will not bear the fruit of a healthy lifestyle.  By the way, everyone else around you benefits from your healthy lifestyle too! 

So there you have it.  With commitment and consistency, you’ll have change.  It’s not an easy road, but it’s the road less traveled and the one that will guide you to a thriving and vibrant life where you will live out your true potential until the day you die.  Let’s have young guts together friends!


See you in class soon!




MMB – March is Greens Month!

Hi Everyone,

Happy March to you!  March is a fun month.  Oh let’s see – we have St. Patrick’s Day,  spring starting, day light savings time, and lots of spring vegetables!  As Californians, we are also very blessed that we aren’t knee deep in snow and dealing with cold snaps bringing blizzard conditions throughout the spring.  So, how should we celebrate?  We need to get outside and move!  Once day light savings time hits this weekend, we’ll have more hours of light in the late afternoon and evening to get a jog or run in!  So, let’s do it!

  1. Celebrating March Greens Contest!  It’s time to be laser focused on our greens and clean eating!  For the month of  March, log all of your greens that you consume every day.  1 cup = 1 serving.  For example, 1 cup of salad is 1 serving.  I – 8oz cup of green juice is 1 serving.  At the end of the month, turn in your greens sheet and let’s find out who has consumed the most greens!  Winner will receive a class card!  Greens can be raw, steamed, roasted, salads, green smoothies, green juice, vegetable soups, etc. 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp Saturday, March 16th!  Wear your Irish best and come out to this special boot camp!  Prizes for the most spirited St. Patty’s Day costume!  Instead of curling beer, let’s curl dumb bells! 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out on Sunday, March 17th at 11am for some fitness together to celebrate the holiday!  Class is an hour long and all levels are welcomed! 


Thought for the week:  Why is it important that we eat fruits and vegetables?

Every time I poke around and do research on why we should be eating fruits and vegetables, I am astounded as to all of the ways they help us to fight disease and live healthier.  Every time we eat a bite of broccoli or munch on blueberries, it’s like we are downing superheroes with amazing fighting powers to beat up the bad guys aka- free radicals in our bodies! 

I think it’s assumed that most of us know it’s healthy to eat our fruits and veggies, but do we really know why?  This article from Harvard mentions several studies done that prove how eating our fruits and veggies fights a variety of diseases.  Well, that always perks my ears up!  I mean, who wants to be sick with diabetes or heart disease?  If we could eat something on a daily basis that will help us to not become a victim of these diseases, I think we should embrace these amazing substances as often as possible, don’t you? 

Does it take some work? Yes.  Is it always convenient to shop on a regular basis?  No.  But, what’s the alternative?  How many millions upon millions of Americans survive every day by popping pills as the solution to their disease. Ask them how they feel?  I bet most of them would say they feel like crap and aren’t reversing their diseases.

I would say we are not healthier because of medication.  There is a better solution.  Sure, drugs have their place and we are truly living in a time where drugs can be miracle workers for many people.  However, arre they the only solution to our ailments?

Imagine what our culture would look like and the state of disease in this country if we simply ate fruits and veggies on a regular basis and less processed food filled with trans fats, inflammatory ingredients, and foods void of nutrients all together?  I think, “Wow” would be the answer.

Transformation is within our grasp and it all starts with us.  How will you choose to live today?  How will you choose to shop and prepare food for your family?  Fast food is a slow track to premature death.  Just say NO to fast food and YES to home cook meals and lots of fruits and veggies!  You are worth it and so are the people you love and care about! 

Vegetables and Fruits

Article from Harvard T.H. Chan – School of Public Health

Basket of food including grapes apples asparagus onions lettuce carrots melon bananas corn
  • Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and variety is as important as quantity.
  • No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. Eat plenty every day.

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check. Eating non-starchy vegetables and fruits like apples, pears, and green leafy vegetables may even promote weight loss. [1] Their low glycemic loads prevent blood sugar spikes that can increase hunger.

At least nine different families of fruits and vegetables exist, each with potentially hundreds of different plant compounds that are beneficial to health. Eat a variety of types and colors of produce in order to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. This not only ensures a greater diversity of beneficial plant chemicals but also creates eye-appealing meals.

Tips to eat more vegetables and fruits each day

Tips to eat more vegetables and fruits each day

  1. Keep fruit where you can see it. Place several ready-to-eat washed whole fruits in a bowl or store chopped colorful fruits in a glass bowl in the refrigerator to tempt a sweet tooth.
  2. Explore the produce aisle and choose something new. Variety and color are key to a healthy diet. On most days, try to get at least one serving from each of the following categories: dark green leafy vegetables; yellow or orange fruits and vegetables; red fruits and vegetables; legumes (beans) and peas; and citrus fruits.
  3. Skip the potatoes. Choose other vegetables that are packed with different nutrients and more slowly digested carbohydrates.
  4. Make it a meal. Try cooking new recipes that include more vegetables. Salads, soups, and stir-fries are just a few ideas for increasing the number of tasty vegetables in your meals.
5 common questions about fruits and vegetables.

5 common questions about fruits and vegetables.

Have you hesitated to fill your grocery cart with colorful produce because of concerns that pop up in online articles and discussions? Here’s a look at some commonly asked questions, and what the current research says.

Vegetables, fruits, and disease

Cardiovascular disease

There is compelling evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • A meta-analysis of cohort studies following 469,551 participants found that a higher intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, with an average reduction in risk of 4% for each additional serving per day of fruit and vegetables. [2]
  • The largest and longest study to date, done as part of the Harvard-based Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study, included almost 110,000 men and women whose health and dietary habits were followed for 14 years.
  • The higher the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables, the lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Compared with those in the lowest category of fruit and vegetable intake (less than 1.5 servings a day), those who averaged 8 or more servings a day were 30% less likely to have had a heart attack or stroke. [3]
  • Although all fruits and vegetables likely contributed to this benefit, green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, and mustard greens, were most strongly associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and kale; and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit (and their juices) also made important contributions. [3]
  • When researchers combined findings from the Harvard studies with several other long-term studies in the U.S. and Europe, and looked at coronary heart disease and stroke separately, they found a similar protective effect: Individuals who ate more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day had roughly a 20% lower risk of coronary heart disease [4] and stroke, [5] compared with individuals who ate less than 3 servings per day.

Blood pressure

  • The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) study[6] examined the effect on blood pressure of a diet that was rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products and that restricted the amount of saturated and total fat. The researchers found that people with high blood pressure who followed this diet reduced their systolic blood pressure (the upper number of a blood pressure reading) by about 11 mm Hg and their diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) by almost 6 mm Hg—as much as medications can achieve.
  • A randomized trial known as the Optimal Macronutrient Intake Trial for Heart Health (OmniHeart) showed that this fruit and vegetable-rich diet lowered blood pressure even more when some of the carbohydrate was replaced with healthy unsaturated fat or protein. [7]
  • In 2014 a meta-analysis of clinical trials and observational studies found that consumption of a vegetarian diet was associated with lower blood pressure. [8]


Numerous early studies revealed what appeared to be a strong link between eating fruits and vegetables and protection against cancer. Unlike case-control studies, cohort studies, which follow large groups of initially healthy individuals for years, generally provide more reliable information than case-control studies because they don’t rely on information from the past. And, in general, data from cohort studies have not consistently shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables prevents cancer.

  • For example, over a 14-year period in the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, men and women with the highest intake of fruits and vegetables (8+ servings a day) were just as likely to have developed cancer as those who ate the fewest daily servings (under 1.5). [3]
  • A meta-analysis of cohort studies found that a higher fruit and vegetable intake did not decrease the risk of deaths from cancer. [2]

A more likely possibility is that some types of fruits and vegetables may protect against certain cancers.

  • A study by Farvid and colleagues followed a Nurses’ Health Study II cohort of 90,476 premenopausal women for 22 years and found that those who ate the most fruit during adolescence (about 3 servings a day) compared with those who ate the lowest intakes (0.5 servings a day) had a 25% lower risk of developing breast cancer. There was a significant reduction in breast cancer in women who had eaten higher intakes of apples, bananas, grapes, and corn during adolescence, and oranges and kale during early adulthood. No protection was found from drinking fruit juices at younger ages. [9]
  • Farvid and colleagues followed 90, 534 premenopausal women from the Nurses’ Health Study II over 20 years and found that higher fiber intakes during adolescence and early adulthood were associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer later in life. When comparing the highest and lowest fiber intakes from fruits and vegetables, women with the highest fruit fiber intake had a 12% reduced risk of breast cancer; those with the highest vegetable fiber intake had an 11% reduced risk. [10]
  • After following 182,145 women in the Nurses’ Health Study I and II for 30 years, Farvid’s team also found that women who ate more than 5.5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (especially cruciferous and yellow/orange vegetables) had an 11% lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate 2.5 or fewer servings. Vegetable intake was strongly associated with a 15% lower risk of estrogen-receptor-negative tumors for every two additional servings of vegetables eaten daily. A higher intake of fruits and vegetables was associated with a lower risk of other aggressive tumors including HER2-enriched and basal-like tumors. [11]
  • A report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests that non-starchy vegetables—such as lettuce and other leafy greens, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, as well as garlic, onions, and the like—and fruits “probably” protect against several types of cancers, including those of the mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus, and stomach. Fruit probably also protects against lung cancer. [12]

Specific components of fruits and vegetables may also be protective against cancer. For example:

  • A line of research stemming from a finding from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study suggests that tomatoes may help protect men against prostate cancer, especially aggressive forms of it. [12] One of the pigments that give tomatoes their red hue—lycopene—could be involved in this protective effect. Although several studies other than the Health Professionals Study have also demonstrated a link between tomatoes or lycopene and prostate cancer, others have not or have found only a weak connection. [14]
  • Taken as a whole, however, these studies suggest that increased consumption of tomato-based products (especially cooked tomato products) and other lycopene-containing foods may reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer. [12] Lycopene is one of several carotenoids (compounds that the body can turn into vitamin A) found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and research suggests that foods containing carotenoids may protect against lung, mouth, and throat cancer. [12] But more research is needed to understand the exact relationship between fruits and vegetables, carotenoids, and cancer.


Some research looks specifically at whether individual fruits are associated with risk of type 2 diabetes. While there isn’t an abundance of research into this area yet, preliminary results are compelling.

  • A study of over 66,000 women in the Nurses’ Health Study, 85,104 women from the Nurses’ Health Study II, and 36,173 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study—who were free of major chronic diseases—found that greater consumption of whole fruits—especially blueberries, grapes, and apples—was associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Another important finding was that greater consumption of fruit juice was associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. [15]
  • Additionally a study of over 70,000 female nurses aged 38-63 years, who were free of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, showed that consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruit was associated with a lower risk of diabetes. While not conclusive, research also indicated that consumption of fruit juices may be associated with an increased risk among women. (16)
  • A study of over 2,300 Finnish men showed that vegetables and fruits, especially berries, may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. [17]


Data from the Nurses’ Health Studies and the Health Professional’s Follow-up Study show that women and men who increased their intakes of fruits and vegetables over a 24-year period were more likely to have lost weight than those who ate the same amount or those who decreased their intake. Berries, apples, pears, soy, and cauliflower were associated with weight loss while starchier vegetables like potatoes, corn, and peas were linked with weight gain. [1] However, keep in mind that adding more produce into the diet won’t necessarily help with weight loss unless it replaces another food, such as refined carbohydrates of white bread and crackers.

Gastrointestinal health

Fruits and vegetables contain indigestible fiber, which absorbs water and expands as it passes through the digestive system. This can calm symptoms of an irritable bowel and, by triggering regular bowel movements, can relieve or prevent constipation. [18] The bulking and softening action of insoluble fiber also decreases pressure inside the intestinal tract and may help prevent diverticulosis. [19]


Eating fruits and vegetables can also keep your eyes healthy, and may help prevent two common aging-related eye diseases—cataracts and macular degeneration—which afflict millions of Americans over age 65. [20-23] Lutein and zeaxanthin, in particular, seem protective against cataracts. [24]


MMB – Fitness Vacation Tips!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back!  I had a fabulous vacation but I MISSED you guys!  It felt weird not training with you guys for five days – like something was missing.  Oh sure, I carved out time here and there to stretch and work out, but I really missed the group-ex feel and community!  After announcements and reminders, I have attached some vacation photos and some tips on how to travel well weaving in stretching and fitness!  Sometimes, it has to fall into the cracks of your time, so I’ll talk about some ideas of how to weave in mobility and flexibility!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Classes are back in action this week!  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio tonight.  There are a couple of spots open, so please text me and I’ll plug you in.  Cardio Fusion is at VBC this week and Boot Camp is on Saturday!


  1. Plant Based Recipe Contest Saturday!  After the 2nd Boot Camp at 8:35am, there will be a plant based recipe contest for those of you who can stick around.  It can be a cold or hot dish, but it has to be vegetable based with no meat.  You do not need to bring a large amount of food because we’ll all be sampling little “tastes”.  I’ll have some paper plates, napkins, and forks.  Let’s find out who the best plant based chef of the day will be!  Winner will receive a class card!


  1. Celebrating March Greens Contest!  It’s time to be laser focused on our greens and clean eating!  For the month of  March, log all of your greens that you consume every day.  1 cup = 1 serving.  For example, 1 cup of salad is 1 serving.  I – 8oz cup of green juice is 1 serving.  At the end of the month, turn in your greens sheet and let’s find out who has consumed the most greens!  Winner will receive a class card!  Greens can be raw, steamed, roasted, salads, green smoothies, green juice, vegetable soups, etc. 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Boot Camp Saturday, March 16th!  Wear your Irish best and come out to this special boot camp!  Prizes for the most spirited St. Patty’s Day costume!  Instead of curling beer, let’s curl dumb bells! 


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Walking Boot Camp!  Come out on Sunday, March 17th at 11am for some fitness together to celebrate the holiday!  Class is an hour long and all levels are welcomed! 

Photos from Jen’s Vacation & How to weave in fitness and stretching!

What do you do at the gate when you have 20 minutes?

What do you do in the morning on vacation for 30 minutes when everyone else is showering and getting ready for their day? 


Time at the gate again?  Bring your foam roller with you and take care of business!  Bring snacks with you so you don’t have to buy junk food!  I love GO RAW brand!

What do you do in an aquarium when you see bars?  Stretch!

Chopped raw veggies should be a way of life no matter where you go or what you do.  Just eat them!

Dream come true for my boys!  Visiting Clear Water Marine Hospital and feeding shark!  Home of Winter and Hope the Dolphins – from the film Dolphin Tale.

What’s better than feeding sharks?  Swimming with sharks at Florida’s Aquarium!

Thought for the week:  Vacation Fitness and Flexibility Tips

It is SO easy to blow off everything in your routine when you go on vacation.  And yes, you can do that.  But what is the fallout when you come back?  Ugh.  It’s so hard guys.  I see this time and time again with clients who go on vacation and don’t exercise at all.  They come back feeling sluggish, bloated, tight, and they’ve lost much of their strength, endurance, and stamina.  Can they get it back?  Of course, but it is SO hard!  Does vacation have to be this way?  The answer is NO.

I try to live as transparent a life as possible.  I believe in what I do and I try my very best to live a life of wellness from the inside out including the spiritual, physical, and mental.  So, when I go on vacation, I too am challenged as to how am I going to continue to live a disciplined life when the very nature of vacation implies taking a break from everything in routine to let go and have fun.  Having just come back from Florida, I’d like to share some tips with you about how to get fitness, stretching, and good nutrition.

Here are a few tips for you guys the next time you travel for business or pleasure:

  1.  Airports:  Bring fitness clothes with you, along with resistance tubing and a small foam roller.  When you are in the airport, have you noticed how much times is spent sitting down or standing?  Those are precious fitness minutes that can be taken advantage of!  Check out the photos from above, and you’ll see that I am rolling out on the Orb and doing some fitness with a squatting stork.  If people are all around you and you don’t want to make a menace of yourself, try to find a spot that is less crowded so you can do some body weight squats, lunges, planks, push-ups etc.  Whenever I was at the airport, I would stretch, roll out, and get a good 20-25 minute work out in.  The trick though, is to not let yourself get so sweaty because you’ll be flying and it’s really horrible sitting in a flight seat when you are soaked on the inside.  I’ve experimented with this and choose to back down my work out a few notches so I’m a little moist, but not dripping.  Make sense?  Of course, you could always bring a change of clothes if you really want to be a beast! Then again, your family might be horribly embarrassed.  Mine is.
  2. Waiting in line:  Are you going to wait in line anywhere?  Have your family member hold your place in line and you can go off to the side and get some stretching or light fitness in.  5-10 minutes of fitness woven into a time where you could just be standing is a great way to carve out time for your body and to keep your muscles engaged.  It’s also fun to do some partner fitness too.  I had my boys taking turns with me doing some lunge holds and grip fights – like the Bender Ball fights we do in class?  You can just use your hands.  It’s great 🙂  I also challenged everyone to see who could hold a single leg balance the longest without tapping down! 
  3. Amusement Parks:  Sometimes when we stand or sit for long periods of time, our bodies can become tight.  I like going off into a corner somewhere and doing some back and side stretches.  In the photo above, I found some bars that I could hang down from and get a really great back stretch. You’ll feel so much better weaving in stretching throughout the day.
  4. Nutrition:  This is tough. Vacation is expensive with calories – there’s no doubt about that.  However, choose which meals are going to be your treat meals and which ones are going to be nutrient dense and focused on clean eating.  If you make every single meal a treat meal full of extra calories and high fat foods, you will come home miserable!  The photo above was taken in the late afternoon when we were snacking and I had made guacamole and chopped up tons of veggies.  Everyone loved it and it was really refreshing to have cold, crisp veggies with guac.  When I ate out, I chose a falafel burger and skipped the fries, but added a side salad instead.  I still totally enjoyed myself, but didn’t feel so gross by really overdoing it with the fries.  Try to load up on fruit in the morning and lots of water.  If you do have ice cream, why do you need three scoops of it?  One should suffice 🙂
  5. Fitness without impacting everyone else.  Admittedly, fitness time can be selfish time, especially when you are on a family vacation.  So, if you want to get a good hour or more of fitness in, such as a good run and stations of body weight training, then I recommend getting up earlier one or two days so that you can take care of fitness business without having it impact everyone else.  This is the considerate thing to do and you’ll come back refreshed and your family will be thankful 🙂

Hope these tips help!


MMB – Winter Fitness Challenge 2019 is a Wrap!

Hi Everyone,

I’m juggling quite a few things today, so I’m hoping I can get this blog out by this morning or later this afternoon.  There’s so much to share!  First off, a huge thank you to everyone who committed their time and effort into the Winter Fitness Challenge!  These Challenges are designed to push your limits and break out of the normal “difficult” exercises, and push even harder with timed stations, obstacle courses, and fitness tests.  I would like to give a shout out of “awesome” to the following people who had perfect attendance for all six Challenges:

Paula Allen,  Pete Calvo, Bernadette Calvo, Vanessa Perez, Brett Schalin, and Janeen Wheeler!   

Way to go you guys!  So proud of you and your dedication to commitment and consistency!  And you know what?  It shows!!

The results of the Challenge are posted after announcements and reminders.

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Classes this week:  Jen is only teaching THREE days this week due to vacation schedule.  Cardio Core is Tuesday night.  The first two classes are full, but there are (2) spots open in the 7:35pm class.  Cardio Fusion will be on WEDNESDAY NIGHT at Jen’s Studio from 5:45pm to 6:45pm.  You are welcome to sign up for either a 60 minute or 30 minute class.  Ideally, I’d like to book any 30 minute clients staggered, so one person can come 5:45pm to 6:15pm and the next person can join in at 6:15pm.  Please see me to arrange this.


  1. There will be NO Cardio Fusion this Thursday or Boot Camp on Saturday.  Cardio Core will resume on Tuesday, February 26th.


  1. Saturday, March 2nd Plant Based Food Contest after Boot Camp!  March is the month of green because of St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s  kick off the month with a plant based food contest featuring your favorite veggie dishes!  Please bring a dish to share and be judged on 3/2 directly after boot camp at 8:35pm!  Please bring a recipe card for your recipe!


  1. Navitas brand rocks!  Looking for a plant based nutrient snack with the right amounts of protein, fat, and carbs?  Check out these awesome nutrient dense snacks from Navitas!  I found them at Costco and they are delicious and nutritious!  For those of you looking for that sweet treat fix…this is a great solution!



  1. Stuffed Mushroom Recipe!  Please see my recipe page for my stuffed mushroom recipe!


Winter Fitness Challenge 2019 Winners!

Weight Loss Challenge Winner – Janeen Wheeler!  Since January 5th, Janeen has lost 14 lbs and 7.6% points in body fat!  She has also lost two inches from her waist and hips!  Janeen has won a $60 4-class card for 60-minute classes!  Awesome job Janeen!

1 minute Davies’ Test Winners:

1st place – Janeen Wheeler starting number 40, finishing number 99 = +59  Wins a free class!

2nd place – Lynnda Philbrook starting number 72, finishing number 107 = +35

3rd place – Vanessa Perez starting number 98, finishing number 131 = +33


1 minute Push-Up Winners:

1st place – Christy Stevens starting number 10, finishing number 26 = +16  Wins a free class!

2nd place – Paula Allen starting number 37 on knees, finishing number 15 on toes! = +15

3rd place – Jocelyn Lai & Lynnda Philbrook, each increased by +10!


1 minute Sit-Up Winners:

1st place – Janeen Wheeler – increased by 20  Wins a free class!

2nd place – Paula Allen & Bernadette Calvo increased by 10

3rd place – Erin Campbell increased by 7


Photos from 6th Winter Fitness Challenge:


Thought for the week:  Doing More than 40 Push-Ups Can Reduce Heart Disease

I’ve always known that the ability to do push-ups well with good form and consistency is amazing for our health and overall strength.  I came across this study and wanted to pass on that YES, doing push-ups often is really, really good for your health!  Actually, your heart!  Check out this study from a Harvard study and go get those 40+ push-ups in!

Men Who Can Do More Than 40 Push-Ups Far Less Likely To Develop Heart Disease


BOSTON — Here’s one way to predict your heart health: get down and give me 41. A new study finds that men who can perform at least 40 push-ups in one attempt are much less likely to suffer from heart disease within the next 10 years.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public health say their report is the first to show how push-up capacity is linked to heart disease. They found that middle-aged men who can log more than 40 push-ups in a single try have a 96% reduced risk of developing the potentially deadly condition and other related ailments, such as heart failure, compared to those who can complete no more than 10 push-ups.

Man doing push-ups
New research shows middle-aged men are 96% less likely to develop heart disease if they can do more than 40 push-ups in one try. (© djile –

For their study, the authors reviewed health data from 1,104 active male firefighters taken annually from 2000 to 2010. At the start of the study, the average participant was about 40 years old with an average body mass index of 28.7. The firefighters were tasked with performing as many push-ups as they could, and their treadmill tolerance was also tested.

By the end of the study period, 37 participants suffered from a heart disease-related condition — and 36 of those men weren’t able to log more than 40 push-ups in the initial test. The results of the treadmill test were not as clearly linked to heart disease diagnoses.

“Our findings provide evidence that push-up capacity could be an easy, no-cost method to help assess cardiovascular disease risk in almost any setting,” says the study’s first author, Justin Yang, an occupational medicine resident at the school, in a news release. Surprisingly, push-up capacity was more strongly associated with cardiovascular disease risk than the results of submaximal treadmill tests.”

The authors note that because the study was completed by middle-aged men with active occupations, the results shouldn’t be considered the same for women or men who are less active or of different ages.

This study was published in JAMA Network Open.

MMB – 5th Winter Fitness Challenge – 1 more week to go!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had an awesome weekend!  This past Saturday was the 5th Winter Fitness Challenge and once again, you guys rocked it!  I created a military stye obstacle course with challenging stations and cardio drills. This was a no joke Challenge and I’m proud of you guys for trying your best and bringing your “Can-Do” attitude!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core is at Jen’s Studio Tuesday Night!  5:45pm 60 minute class is full.  6:55pm 30 minute class has (2) openings.  7:35pm 30 minute class has (3) openings.  Please text or e-mail to sign up!


  1. NOTE:  Jen will be away on vacation from Thursday, February 21st through Monday, February 25th.  There will be no Cardio Fusion 2/21, Boot Camp 2/23, or personal training during these dates. 


  1. Walking Boot Camp is this Sunday, February 17th at 11am!  Class is ON unless rain is significant.  60 minute class.  For all levels.  Drop in cost is $15 or use pre-paid card.


  1. Last Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday!  It’s time to weigh in and measure and find out who has been working the hardest!  Please plan on coming a few minutes early or stay a few minutes after class to get weighed and measured!   You guys have worked hard!

Here are the results of the Fitness Tests for Challenge #5:

7am Crew

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Paula Allen  -114

2nd place – Andrew Allan – 96

3rd place – Jocelyn Lai – 86



1st place – Andrew Allan – 60

2nd place – Jocelyn Lai – 30toes/22 knees

3rd place – Lisa Dillon – 20 toes/44 knees



1st place – Andrew Allan – 22

2nd place – Lynnda Philbrook – 21

3rd place – Lisa Dillon – 14


8:05am Crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Christy Stevens – 121

2nd place – Melissa Judge – 116

3rd place – Vanessa Perez – 110



1st place – Melissa Judge – 65

2nd place – Pete Calvo – 47

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 44



1st place – Janeen Wheeler – 46

2nd place – Bernadette Calvo – 36

3rd place – Vanessa Perez – 24


Photos from Saturday’s Challenge: – Look at these boot campers in action!  Rock on you guys!

8:05am 30 minute crew

7am 60 minute crew


MMB – Making it Count!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you are walking into your Monday feeling refreshed and revived!  The 4th Winter Fitness Challenge was this past Saturday and the boot camp crew that made it out rocked it once again!  I know that Saturday was a little tighter than usual due to the smaller space, but fitness knows no boundaries or limitations and neither do you guys!  What I love most about my group is your contagious positive energy and commitment to your health!  Let’s keep it rolling and wrap up this Challenge feeling energized, capable, and confident because of all of the hard work you have poured out over the last few weeks!  Let’s keep it going because together we can do great things!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Class is Tonight at 7pm – Pleasanton Trader Joe’s.  Class is full.  See you tonight if you are on the list!


  1. Cardio Core is Tuesday at Jen’s Studio!  5:45pm class is full.  6:55pm class – room for 1 more, 7:35pm class – room for 3 more.  Please text or e-mail if you’d like to join us on Tuesday night for a great work out together!


  1. Cardio Fusion is back at VBC this Thursday!  60 minute class 5:45pm to 6:45pm & 30 minute class 6:55pm to 7:25pm


  1. Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday, February 17th at 11am!  60 minute low impact class for all levels!  Drop in cost is $15 or use prepaid card.


  1. Note:  No Cardio Fusion 2/21 or Boot Camp 2/23.  Jen is on vacation. 


  1. Last Winter Fitness Challenge is 2/16.  If you weighed in at the beginning, you’ll need to weigh in again on this day.  If you are not able to make it this day, please see me to schedule your measurements and weigh in at a different time. 



4th Winter Fitness Challenge 2/2

Congratulations to the following boot campers!!  Well done!


7am Crew


Davies’ Test 1 minute

1st place  – Joanne Vieira 126

2nd place – Lynnda Philbrook 107

3rd place – Paula Allen 104


Push-ups 1 minute

1st place – Joanne Vieira 76

2nd place – Jocelyn Lai 27 toes/11 knees

3rd place – Christi Stevenson 22 toes/12 knees


Sit-ups 1 minute

1st place – Janeen Wheeler 40

2nd place – Christi Stevenson & Joanne Vieira 26

3rd place – Ken Vieira 24


8:05am Crew


Davies’ Test 1 minute:

1st place – Vanessa Perez & Bernadette Calvo – 105

2nd place – Melissa Judge – 104

3rd place – Pete Calvo 96


Push-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Bernadette Calvo – 75

2nd place – Melissa Judge – 60

3rd place – Pete Calvo – 40


Sit-Ups 1 minute:

1st place – Bernadette Calvo – 40

2nd place – Melissa Judge – 32

3rd place – Brett Schalin – 31


Photos from Saturday!


Thought for the week:  Making it Count

Sometimes movies inspire us.  The movie Titanic is one of my favorites and believe it or not, I usually go through quite a few tissues as I’m crying my eyes out!  (Yes, there is a chick in there somewhere LOL!)  Last night,  I had a few minutes before I crashed,  so I was channel surfing and caught the scene in Titanic where Jack has been invited to sit at the 1st class table due to his heroic rescue of Rose.  Do you remember this scene?  As the pious and arrogant first class guests were looking down their noses at Jack and grilling him with questions about his livelihood and apparent gypsy lifestyle, Rose’s mother asks him,”…And you find this existence appealing do you?”  I love Jack’s response:

“Well, yes, ma’am, I do… I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.”

I loved his honest and bold nature in how he described his homelessness with a sense of romance and adventure!  But, what I loved most in this quote was when he said, “You learn to take life as it comes at you…to make each day count.” 

What does it mean to “Take life as it comes at you?”  When we wake up in the morning, we really have no idea what lies ahead of us.  Sometimes it’s the type of day that’s filled with routine and familiarity.  Sometimes we receive a text or phone call that dramatically alters the direction of our day and we have to react to things quickly.  Some days we have strife with our loved ones or have a heaviness of the weight of responsibilities. Some days we celebrate great milestones of achievement and other days we are sobbing and mourning over the loss of a loved one or beloved pet. 

How then, can we make it count daily?  I believe the answer is in the question.  We make life count, by taking on life daily and really meaning it.  When we carve out time to exercise or make a healthy meal, it is in that moment that we are making it count because we are taking care of our bodies so that we can take on life.  It’s a thousand little things that we do everyday that add up to an attitude of gratitude or an attitude of despair.  I teach my boys that throughout the day and week, there will be countless “fork in the road” moments where we have choices to make.  Choices that will lead us down a path of prosperity or choices that will lead us to destruction.  It’s not just one trip down the path, but countless decisions with commonality day in and day out that define who we are.

If we are at a fork in the road moment every day at lunch and we choose to go through the fast food window and chug down a 16 oz Coke, burger, and fries, then those countless common decisions will lead us to a path of disease of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and eventually a premature death. 

Contrast this image with the same fork in the road for a person who is striving towards health and they choose to eat a nutrient dense salad and a piece of fruit along with water, the outcome will be vastly different.  Will eating a burger, fries, and a Coke kill me if a do it one day? The answer is NO.  However, repeating that pattern over and over again for weeks, months, and years?  Yeah, it’s an ugly outcome my friends.

Making it count means making choices on a daily basis that will nourish your mind, body, and attitude.  As Christians, we have the same choices at those fork in the road moments.  Will we read our Bibles daily and pray?  Or, will we turn our backs on God thinking that we’ve got things under control and don’t need to cast our cares unto the Lord.  Why bother God when we’ve got things under control?  There is where the deception lies.  Oh, how we get into trouble with this one!  Those of you who are Christ followers know the daily blessings we receive when we seek Him first and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our day instead of our own self focused agenda where we “have control.”

So my friends, how are you making it count?  If I were to ask your friends and family about how you live your life and how you spend your time, what do you think they would say?  Stop and think about that for a moment.  Are you making an impact on other people with the gifts and talents you’ve been blessed with?  Are you serving others?  Are you a life giver with a positive attitude or does your presence zap energy out of people because of your negative curmudgeon-like stance? 

Are you making it count in your legacy?  What will your kids and grand kids say about you someday?  We all have a start date and an end date in this world.  Do you know what really counts?  The dash in between.  How are you making your dash count today?


Let’s take on today and make healthy and positive choices at those fork in the road moments.


Love you guys!



MMB – 1/2 Way Through the Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday afternoon to you!  I am just now sitting down at 2pm to write my blog because I dropped my boys off at outdoor science camp in Santa Cruz for the week!  Wow, a whole week without my boys – what’s a girl to do?!  First of all, great job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week!  I love the energy and momentum you are all bringing out to class!  It’s obvious you guys are putting the work in and taking your health and fitness seriously!  Let’s keep this trend going and focus on commitment and consistency through the winter! 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday:  1st class 5:45pm is full, 2nd class 6:55pm is full.  4 spots open at 7:35pm.  Please text or e-mail me to join 7:35pm class or to wait list. 
  2. Cardio Fusion is at Jen’s Studio Thursday:  1st class 5:45pm 1 spot open,  2nd class 6:55pm 2 spots open,  3rd class 7:35pm  5 spots open.  Please text or e-mail me to join classes.
  3. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition class is Monday, February 4th at 7pm!  There is room for 3 more people.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining this fun and interactive shopping and nutrition experience!  Cost is $35.  Class is about an hour long. 
  4. 4th Winter Fitness Challenge is this Saturday!  We are half way through the Challenge, so keep up the good work out there!  60 minute class at 7am and 30 minute class at 8:05am!


3rd Winter Fitness Challenge Fitness Tests:

7am crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Joanne Vieira – 126

2nd place – Bob Allan – 95

3rd place – Ken Vieira &  Christi Stevenson – 82


Push-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Joanne Vieira – 73

2nd place – Ken Vieira – 57

3rd place – Bob Allan – 37


Sit-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Janeen – 46

2nd place – Joanne Vieira – 26

3rd place – Christi Stevenson – 25


8:05am Crew:

Davies’ Test:

1st place – Erin Campbell – 121

2nd place – Bernadette Calvo – 120

3rd place – Christy Stevens – 117


Push-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Melissa Judge – 66

2nd place – Erin Campbell – 59

3rd place – Pete Calvo – 55


Sit-ups 1 minute:

1st place – Erin Campbell – 39

2nd place – Heather Moog – 34

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 33


Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard this past Saturday!  You are all winners in my book and I encourage you to keep bringing it every week!  Let’s see what we can do next Saturday together!

Here are some photos from Saturday’s Challenge:



MMB – How’s Your January Looking?

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and feeling energized out there!  Excellent job to everyone who made it out to classes this past week!  January is off to a rockin’ start and I LOVE seeing the commitment and hard work you are all putting into your work outs and clean eating!  Admit it – you are feeling better right?  This fitness and nutrition stuff really works!  🙂 

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Tuesday – Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio:  5:45pm class is full   6:55pm class has 2 spots open   7:35pm class has 3 spots open.  Please text or e-mail me to sign up!
  2. Thursday – Cardio Fusion is CX due to a family commitment. 
  3. Saturday – 3rd Winter Fitness Challenge!  Come out and be inspired, motivated, and let’s burn up hundreds of calories and shed fat!
  4. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Classes 1/28 & 2/4 7pm  4 people minimum required.  Cost is $35.  See Jen to sign up!

Winter Fitness Challenge for 1/19 

Fitness Tests:

Davies’ Test Winners

1st place – Joanne Vieira 125

2nd place – Christy Stevens 123

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo 117

Honorable Mention – Erin Campbell 113


Push-Ups 1 minute

1st place – Joanne Vieira 75

2nd place – Melissa Judge  – 69

3rd place – Bernadette Calvo – 65

Honorable Mention – Debbie Robison 55  & Erin Campbell 51


Sit-Ups 1 minute

1st place – Bernadette Calvo – 43

2nd place – Erin Campbell – 36

3rd place – Janeen Wheeler – 31

Honorable Mention – Joanne Vieira 25 & Ken Vieira 22

Awesome job everyone!  Let’s keep up the great work and compare our stats in the next few weeks to find out how much stronger you are!

Pictures from Saturday’s Challenge:

Thought for the week:  How’s Your January?

O.k. gang, it’s check in time.  How are you all doing?  Are you still on the clean eating and detox wagon or has the wind left your sails?  Or, perhaps you never started clean eating after the holidays?  Never fear, it’s not too late to start! 

I think it’s important for you to ask yourself how do you feel?  Do you feel like crap?  Are you exhausted and dragging throughout the day?  Do you have mental fog?  Do you have bloat and gas issues?  Does your body feel heavy and sluggish? 

If you have any of these symptoms, your body is giving you plenty of warning signs that things are off balance.  When we are getting proper rest, nutrition, and active and intense bouts of exercise throughout the week, you should be feeling youthful, energized, and very capable.  Generally speaking, your mood should also be more positive and uplifted due to those wonderful endorphins that are released into your body from exercise. 

So, if you are off-kilter and aren’t feeling your best, let’s change things up and help you to feel and look your best so you can take on life and live life to your fullest potential!

  1.  Sleep is King!  If you are burning the midnight oil, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  You are robbing yourself of those important hours you need for rest and cellular repair in your body.  You are also not giving yourself enough time to go into deep REM.  There’s also a ton of research on how weight gain is tied to not getting enough sleep and how our sleep hormones are disrupted.  This becomes a vicious cycle and is tough to break.  Aim for hitting the sack around 10pm.  You may have to change some things up in your lifestyle.  Don’t watch revved up shows that are highly stimulating.  Limit screen time because the type of light coming off of your computer screen tells your brain it’s daylight and time to be energized and awake!  Try drinking a hot herbal tea, reading a good book, and/or taking a hot bath or shower before going to bed. 


  1. How’s your gut health?  Make sure you are eating enough prebiotic foods and probiotic foods.  Prebiotic foods are your green leafies and veggies that are highly alkaline.  These foods create an environment in your gut that allows your gut flora to flourish.  Eat probiotic foods to replenish your supply of good bacteria so you have ample forces to defeat the enemy of bad bacteria!  The more sugary and processed foods you  consume, the more toxic of an environment for your good bacteria.  Capiche?


  1. Feeling tired?  Sometimes when we are tired, it’s actually because we are dehyrated.  Make sure you are getting enough fluid in your diet everyday.  A good way to check is to look at your urine for color and smell.  We want to see a pale yellow and low odor 🙂  Mix up your liquids so you don’t get bored!  Herbal teas, lemon water, kombucha, coconut water etc.


  1. Make sure you are getting enough quality nutrients in your food.  When you hit the wall at 3pm, don’t reach for a cookie or empty calorie snack.  Think protein and living food. Think of the rainbow and the colors that should be in your foods.   Ideas:  An apple and a small handful of nuts would be idea.  Chopped veggies and hummus.  Good quality seed cracker with a little bit of tuna.  Homemade protein bars.  Chia seed pudding.  In a pinch -1/2 RX bars or Kind Bars. 


  1. Are you bringing your best into your work outs?  I know many of us do 30 minute fitness.  And, this time commitment can absolutely work, but there are rules.  If you are going to exercise for 30 minutes, it must be with focus and bouts of intensity.  You must get your heart rate up, get to the point of sweat, and feel like you are kind of “dying” at a couple of points.  You know what I mean when I say “dying” right?  LOL!  Super hard!! 

I hope this helps guys!  Let’s do this thing!

See you in class soon!


MMB – 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge Has Begun!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I am choosing to have sunshine within today!  I am NOT a lover of dark and dreary days, so I’m gonna shine from the inside out 🙂  Well, January is off to an amazing start!  The 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge began this past Saturday and it was an awesome of turn out of 20 people who were a combination of regulars, newbies, and returning oldies now newbies again!  If you don’t know someone in class, make sure to reach out and say, “Hi” to someone new and welcome the to the Jen Allan Fitness family! 

For every Challenge, there is always a selection of fitness tests and timed fitness sequences.  While the format is similar from week to week, the exercises are changed up so multiple muscle groups are being worked every Saturday and you won’t get BORED!   I hate boring fitness, don’t you? LOL! 

Let’s take on January and rise up to the Challenge with clean eating, clean drinking, hard workouts, and a can-do spirit!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tuesday:  5:45pm class is full, 6:55pm class is full, 7:35pm has 4 spots open.  Please let me know if you’d like to be on a waiting list for the first two classes or try making it out to the third class!


  1. Cardio Fusion is at VBC Thursday!  Come on out for a 60 minute class from 5:45pm to 6:45pm or a 30 minute class from 6:55pm to 7:25pm! 


  1. 6-Week Winter Fitness Challenge is happening now!  It’s not too late to join in the fun!  I can weigh and measure you this week!


  1. Trader Joe’s Shopping & Nutrition classes!   Needing some nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas?  Let’s gather together at the Pleasanton Trader Joe’s for a 60 minute class that will cover how to read labels, how to identify health and gut disrupting ingredients, and how to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your lifestyle.  2 classes offered:  Monday, January 28th at 7pm and Monday, February 4th at 7pm.  Cost is $35.  Please see Jen to sign up! A minimum of four people is required and a max of six people.


For this past Saturday during, here are the top placers for the fitness tests:

60 minute class

Davies’ Test:  Joanne Vieira – 120, Bernie Calvo – 118, & Ken Vieira – 100

Push-Up Test 1 min:  Joanne Vieira – 75, Ken Vieira – 47, & Pete Calvo – 38

Sit-up Test 1 min:  Bob Allan – 36, Bernie Calvo – 32, & Janeen Wheeler – 29

30 minute class

Davies’ Test:  Christy Stevens – 119, Erin Campbell – 108, & Vanessa Perez – 98

Push-Up Test 1 min:  Erin Campbell – 46, Debbie Robison – 45, & Kathy Schalin – 25 toes/35 knees

Sit-up Test 1 min:  Theresa Rivas – 46, Paula Allen – 43, & Chris Rivas – 37


Timed Obstacle Course, Stations, and Run:

60 minute class

1st place – Joanne Vieira 20:20

2nd place – Christi Stevenson 20:50

3rd place – Ken Vieira – 21:09


30 minute class

1st place and only finisher of entire circuit! – Vanessa Perez! 

Congratulations to everyone who came out on Saturday, worked hard, and had great attitudes!

Here are some photos from Saturday:

Let’s keep it going everyone!  I love the effort! 



MMB – It’s Detox Time!

Hi Everyone,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are getting back to clean eating, moving, hydration, and good sleep!  These are the keys in helping your body to ward off those nasty cold and flu bugs that are lurking around every corner! 

Sorry this blog is coming a day late, but our power and internet were down for a good chunk of Sunday and Monday.  I dare not complain because these are truly first world problems, right?! 

First of all, great job to everyone who was able to make it out to Walking Boot Camp on New Year’s Day!  It was a beautiful and sunny day and it felt GOOD to get out and move!  You’ll be seeing more Walking Boot Camps in the near future!

Walking Boot Camp Crew 2019!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Cardio Core at Jen’s Studio Tonight!  If you’d like to join us for an awesome class of cardio, resistance, and core, please e-mail or text me to sign up!  5:45pm to 6:45pm is full.  6:55pm to 7:25pm 2 spots available & 7:35pm to 8:05pm 6 spots open.


  1. Cardio Fusion this Thursday at VBC!  I’d love to see two full classes this Thursday, so please let me know which time you prefer – either 5:45pm to 6:45pm or 6:55pm to 7:25pm!  If I have three people or more for 6:55pm, then it’s a go for a 30 minute class!  Otherwise, there will be one class from 5:45pm to 6:45pm for both 30 min. and 60 min. clients. 


  1. 6 -Winter Fitness Challenge Begins this Saturday!  Come out and get weighed, measured, and let’s take care of any lingering holiday pounds!  Class format will incorporate fitness tests and timed challenges that will motivate and inspire you!  We’ll weigh and measure again in six weeks to find out who the biggest reducers are! 


  1. Trader Joe’s Shopping and Nutrition Classes are here! Needing some nutrition reminders and healthy meal ideas?  Let’s gather together at the Pleasanton Trader Joe’s for a 60 minute class that will cover how to read labels, how to identify health and gut disrupting ingredients, and how to incorporate more plant based ingredients into your lifestyle.  2 classes offered:  Monday, January 28th at 7pm and Monday, February 4th at 7pm.  Cost is $35.  Please see Jen to sign up!


  1. Next Walking Boot Camp is Sunday, January 20th at 11am!


  1. New Recipe!  Asian Inspired Roasted Veggies and Sprouted Rice!  Go to recipes page.



Thought for the week:  It’s Detox Time! 

Why is every trainer, nutritionist, and health guru out there talking about detox after the holidays?  Because we need it!  Think about what changes over the course of the holidays.  Our sleep schedules, eating schedules, work out schedules and stress is all out of whack!  And, we wonder why we feel so bloated, sluggish, and tired when January 1 rolls around.  Thankfully, the holidays are short lived and yes, we enjoy them, but living this way for too long is dangerous to our health and well being. 

So, let’s get back to clean eating and living shall we?

Here are some detox tips to help you get back on track and feeling better fast!

  1.  Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Every day increase your fluid intake and experiment with water.  Try water with lemon, water infused with blended celery, hot herbal teas with lemon, lemon detox water with apple cider vinegar, and Kombucha.  Now is the time to reduce inflammation, not increase it.  Lay off of alcohol, sugary drinks, and if needed – caffeine!
  2. Drink your meals in the morning.  Our metabolism and gut health take a beating over the holidays, so try drinking your breakfast instead to speed up your metabolism and give your digestion a break.  If you are up to the task of green juicing and have a home juicer, head to the store and stalk up on dark, green leafy veggies along with all of the other juicing ingredients (see my recipes page).  If you don’t have time to juice, go to places like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Costco, and buy cold pressed juices.  Make sure they aren’t the ones that are loaded up with sugar such as the Odwalla juices.   You can also sip on hot bone broths throughout the day too! 
  3. If you have holiday treats and cookies still in your home, then throw them away!  Out with the trash and in with the good stuff!  Stock your fridge with containers filled with chopped veggies, fruits, grab and go hummus, or chia seed pudding.  Make your own homemade protein bars so they are ready to eat when you are in need of a protein boost in the afternoon.  Check out my recipes page.
  4. January is an awesome month for soups and stews!  Load up your stew pot with tons of leafy greens, onions, garlic, lentils, and good quality broth.  Use an immersion blender to make your soup thick and creamy – without the cream!  Soups are great too because you have leftovers for a few days.  Try to stick to vegetarian soups and give your digestion a break by eating foods that are simpler to digest.
  5. Rest is king!  Make sure you are not burning the midnight oil and are making sure to get to bed by around 1opm.  When we are tired and run down is when we get sick! 
  6. Get back to your work out routine as fast as possible!  Working your body hard and weaving in rest is the key to staying healthy and strong!  You need a minimum of three days a week of a combination of cardio, resistance, and core to see results and improve fitness!
  7. Morning Swamp Gruel – see my recipes page.  Here’s a picture:


Let’s make 2019 awesome!