Next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, July 9th!

Hi Everyone,

Come out and join us for another Running Boot Camp on Sunday, July 9th.  Time to be determined as we get closer, but it will either be at 7am or 11am.  Let’s get a 5k distance in with strength and core drills!  Yahoo!

Next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, June 18th!

Hi Everyone,

The next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, June 18th and will either be at 7am or 11am, depending on the weather and heat.  It’s a 5k distance in total, but we only run 3 minutes at a time!  We incorporate strength and core drills throughout the work out and burn up several calories while shedding fat and building muscle.  Beginners are welcomed!

4th of July Boot Camp is coming!

Hi Everyone,

I’m planning a special 4th of July Boot Camp on Saturday, July 1st!  Let’s celebrate our freedoms with some good old fashioned red, white, and blue fitness fun!  Bring a friend and come out and experience a unique way of incorporating patriotism with burning hundreds of calories and shedding fat!

Classes are at 7am and 8:05am

Memorial Day Running Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

Memorial Day is coming and you know that means a weekend filled with food temptations, right?  Let’s gather together at my house at 8am on Monday, May 29th for a 5k distance interval run filled with strength and core exercises!  Beginners are welcomed!

Spring Fitness Challenge Begins 4/1

It’s that time of year again!  Let’s get ready to challenge ourselves mentally and physically!  This six week challenge will put you through fitness tests that will be recorded week to week so you can see your progressions in strength and endurance.  This is a fantastic time to invite a friend and invite them to something unique that will shake up old patterns and rejuvenate health! 

Everyone will be measured and weighed at the beginning and again at the end to find out who the biggest reducers are. 

Let’s make this happen!  Now is YOUR time to transform!


March Contest is Liquid Green=Liquid Life

Hi Everyone,

For the month of march, it’s time to down our liquid veggies!  Log every green juice or green smoothie you drink and enter a contest to find out who can consume the most liquid greens!  Make the leprechauns happy out there and celebrate Irish style with awesome liquid greens full of antioxidants and cancer fighting phytonutrients!  8 oz = 1 serving.  The winner will receive a $60 class card!

Running Boot Camp

New Year’s Day from 11am to noon at Jen’s house!  Let me know if you’d like to join the fitness fun in kicking off 2017!  Beginner runners are welcomed! Contact Jen for details and address of her home.