Thanksgiving Boot Camp is on 11/23 at 7am!

Let’s take care of Thanksgiving Day the right way and get a killer work out in the morning so you can enjoy the feast later!  I promise I’ll make it fun and inspiring!  There will be one boot camp only from 7am to 8am. 

Helping Out Fire Victims

Hi Everyone,

If you’d like to help out the fire victims, who have lost their homes, you can donate clothing, gift cards, canned food, or toiletries to me because I’ll be collecting for people who have lost everything.  My cousin Jessica lives adjacent to the Coffee Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa and many of their neighbors lost their homes, as well as coworkers who work at Safari West.  I’ll have a box to collect supplies for the next week or two, so anything you donate would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


Next Running Boot Camp is Sun. 10/29

Hi Everyone,

The next Running Boot Camp is on Sunday, October 29th at 11am.  Note the time change as we are now in wintertime hours for Running Boot Camp.  Join us for a 5k distance combined with strength and core drills = killer work out and hundreds of calories burned!

Halloween BOO Camp is Coming 10/28

Join us on Saturday, October 28th for a fun filled Halloween Boo Camp!  There will be a costume contest and the winner will win something fun!  Classes are regular times at 7am and 8:05am.  Let’s have some festive spirit and hard core work out too! 

Fall Movement Mania is starting 9/23!

Hi Everyone,

The Fall Movement Mania is starting on Saturday, September 23rd!  You’ll have the opportunity to weigh in and get your BMI and body fat measured, along with your waist and hip measurements.  We’ll weigh again in six weeks and find out who the biggest reducers are! 

The “Mania” part of the Challenge will be tracking all of your minutes that you exercise throughout the week.  Each minute will equal a mile and you’ll have the opportunity to travel places around the world based on how many miles you track = minutes of exercise! 

On Saturdays, I’ll offer a variety of ways for you to either partner up or be put into teams and put through challenging obstacle courses or timed events that will challenge you to the core and allow you to burn hundreds of calories and shed fat! 

Bring a friend and let’s shake things up on the 23rd!