Blog 8/10/20 Effective Fitness in 10 minutes?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying those hot August days and lovely evenings!  Aren’t we thankful when we are done with our fitness by 9:30am!  I wanted to say excellent job to everyone who has been making it out to classes this past week!  Many of you are putting the hard work in with commitment and consistency and it shows! 

For tonight, I typically offer Barre Blend at 6pm, but I have a commitment over at my Townhome rental with contractors around 6pm, so I am offering Barre Blend at 4pm.  If any of you are around at that time of day and would like get some great core and strength training in with Barre method, let me know! 

Schedule for the week of August 10th:

8/10 Monday – Park Fitness 8am & Barre Blend 4pm

8/11 Tuesday – Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm & Cardio Core Curbside 6:30pm

8/12 Wednesday – Barre Blend 8am

8/13 Thursday – Park Fitness 8am, Cardio Fusion On-Line 5:30pm & Cardio Fusion Curbside 6:30pm

8/15  Saturday – Boot Camp On-Line 7:30am & Park Fitness 8:40am

If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes, please text the class code and date, along with a picture of your class card and number.

Class Codes:

Park Fitness = PF

Barre Blend On-Line= BBOL

Cardio Core On-Line = CCOL

Cardio Core Curbside = CCC MAX 9 PEOPLE

Cardio Fusion On-Line = CFOL

Cardio Fusion Curbside = CFC MAX 9 PEOPLE

Boot Camp On-Line = BCOL

Thought for the week – Effective Fitness in 10 Minutes?

What is something that you can do every day to greatly increase your level of fitness and health and it only takes 10 minutes?  As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of foam rolling, stretching, and core work.  Many of you have quite a bit of tightness in your bodies and as you know, it takes several minutes to warm-up with good dynamic stretches and blood flow in order to move better.  In the morning, if you carved out just 10 minutes to foam roll your calves, glutes, hips and followed that sequence up with dynamic stretches and core work such as planks and supermans, you would see a huge increase in your flexibility, core strength, and postural correction.  Are they exciting and fun fitness things to do?  Well, not exactly, but they are kind of like your fitness vitamins.  If you do them every day, you’ll see the benefits over time and you’ll feel and move so much better!   Be creative with your time and put on some of your favorite tunes or go outside with your foam roller and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a summer morning.  You’ll be so thankful if you start adding these exercises into your morning routine because the benefits will trickle down into other areas of your life and everything will be better! 

Did you know I have a YouTube Channel?  I do!  Please subscribe and take a look at the following videos to help you add these exercises in for your morning routine:


Foam Rolling:


On another note, if you or someone you know might be looking to rent a 3 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bath 1350 sqft Townhome in Pleasanton available 10/1, please let me know!   I’d appreciate it!  I’d be happy to send a flyer, so just let me know!


See you in class soon!