Blog 7/12/20

Hey everyone! 

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend and are finding ways to get outside and move!  There are quite a few of you reading this who are coming out and doing life and fitness with me several times a week!  Thank you so much to everyone who is choosing to do fitness with me, whether it’s once or twice a month or once a twice a day! 

I love that we are rising up in our fitness, health, and well being together even though there is a pandemic going on.  I would say that because of the pandemic, we are working extra hard to keep our minds and bodies healthy so that we are better equipped to combat the virus should we get exposed to it. 

Did you have the chance to watch my D.R.E.A.M.S vlog from last week?  You can see it at my YouTube Channel under Jen Allan Fitness along with my other videos.  Hopefully that acronym will stay in your mind so that you can think about what kinds of choices you’d like to make when you come to those fork in the road moments throughout the day.  Keep up the great work and let’s stay healthy together!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend with Boot Camp On-Line, Park Fitness, and hiking with my son Andrew up to Mission Peak in Fremont!  It was a hot one!

Park Fitness Crew:  Debbie Roe (she did boot camp too!), Mansi Parkeh, Bernie Calvo, Archana Iyer, Mohan Iyer, Pete Calvo, & Erwin Ricafrente


Andrew and I at the to of Mission Peak about 92 degrees

Schedule for the week of July 13th:

Monday – Park Fitness 8am & Barre Blend 6pm

Tuesday – Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm & Cardio Core Curbside 6:30pm

Wednesday – Barre Blend 8am

Thursday – Park Fitness 8am, Cardio Fusion On-Line 5:30pm & Cardio Fusion Curbside 6:30pm

Saturday – Boot Camp On-Line 7:30am & Park Fitness 8:40am


Please text me with a picture of your class card and number and which class you’d like to attend.


See you in class soon!