Blog 12/21/20 Christmas Week is Here!

Good morning everyone!

Happy Christmas week to you!  I hope you are taking some time to soak in the Christmas spirit and are spending quality time with your family!  I know this year looks very differently, but there are still ways to celebrate and be joy filled!  One of those ways is to keep moving together!

This last Saturday was my Christmas Breakfast Grab N Go that was held in front of my home studio.  Thank you so much to everyone who made time to come out and visit!  I was overwhelmed and very touched with the kind notes and gifts from many of you.  Thank you!!!  The morning was meant to thank all of you with a little Christmas breakfast, but I think I was the one who felt the most blessed!  You guys rock. Love you all!

Here are a few photos from Saturday’s breakfast.  Admittedly, it’s kind of hard to take decent photos of people when we are socially distanced and wearing masks, but Bob tried his best!



What does Cardio Core Curbside look like at night with SD? 

Here are some photos from the other night in front of my home studio!  The neighbors have Christmas lights all round, so it’s quite festive!


Announcement and Reminders:

  1.  Personal Training – January is right around the corner and is always an excellent time to set new goals and get them start them!  I’d love to help you kick start the new year with consistent training, nutritional coaching, and accountability. Please reach out to me if you’d like to arrange for personal training.  I have 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min. training available.  Sessions are:  $40 for 30 min, $55 for 45 min.  $70 for 60 min.


  1. Thursday – Christmas Eve Morning is Park Fitness!  Come out for this special and festive Park Fitness to celebrate the gift of mobility!  Class is 9:15am!  Wear something Christmasy and fun!  NO Classes 12/26!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Cardio Curbside and Cardio Fusion Curbside Time Survey?  Currently, these classes are at 6pm.  I’m checking in to see if this time still works for you or if you’d like to see a time change of 5:30pm or 5:00pm?  I am here to serve you all so please let me know what your preference is.  You can text or e-mail me.


  1. Jen Allan Fitness Merch.  I am still taking orders for winter apparel, so please take a minute and check out the Google sheets and place an order!  The more orders I have, the more the prices come down!  Here is a screen shot of the products I am offering:  long sleeve hoodie tee, long sleeve tee shirts, scoop necked sweatshirts, and the basic heavier hoodie.  So far, I have about 10 orders, so I need about 10 more to put the screen print order in. 

January Middle School PE is Starting 1/5!

Are your kids on-line too much? Want to get them moving outside and in the sunshine?

What: Jen Allan, a CPT, is offering a comprehensive PE program that is geared towards 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, that will get your kids running, jumping, leaping, doing obstacle courses, calisthenics, games, core and stretching!

When: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 2pm to 2:45pm

Where: Pleasanton Sports Park – off of Parkside Drive, towards the end by playground and volleyball court.

Dates: 1/5, 1/7, 1/12, 1/14, 1/19, 1/21, 1/26, 1/28 & bonus/make-up class Sat 1/30

Cost: $95

Interested? Contact Jen Allan – Cel 925-699-7725    Visit:


Class Schedule Week of 12/21/20

Monday:  Park Fitness 10:15am, Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm, & Barre Blend On-Line 6:30pm

Tuesday:  Cardio Core Curbside 6pm (this class time may change.  Please respond to survey)

Wednesday:  Barre Blend On-Line 11:30am & Cardio Fusion On-Line 6pm

Thursday:  Park Fitness Christmas!  9:15am