Blog 11/30/20 Holidays 2020 – Stable Reminders

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are walking into your Monday feeling refreshed from a holiday weekend!  I know this year is crazy, but I hope that you still found time to celebrate your blessings with your close family.  In spite of the ongoing depressing news of virus spikes and shutdowns,  let’s be a voice of love and encouragement to those around us.  Want to know how you keep yourself positive?  Keep moving my friends!  It’s been so amazing gathering together with many of you these last several weeks and months, either in-person or on-line!  We are making this work and I am so thankful for each and every one of you who chooses to come out and play with me in our fitness realm!  I think I robbed that line out of something from Thor.  Remember when Thor came to planet Earth and asked, “Which realm am I in?”  Sorry guys!  I’m such a Marvel geek!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1. Park Fitness on Mondays at 10:15am will occasionally become a field trip!  In speaking with some of my regulars in this class, it would be super great to add in some hill work in this format to increase our endurance with hill repeats.  So, obviously, I would need to change locations because the sports park is flat.  I’d like to explore around some of the hills in Dublin or San Ramon and use the same format as Park Fitness, but teach class using a hill.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact me so I can add you to this list.  I’d like to start the first one this coming Monday, December 7th at 10:15am.  Location TBD. 


  1. Middle School PE is happening in December!  If you have a son or daughter who is in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and you’d like to get them moving in December, please contact me.  Dates are:  12/8, 12/10, 12/15, 12/17 & 12/22 (make-up/bonus)  Cost is $50.  Time will either be 2pm or 2:30pm.  TBD


Class Schedule Week of 11/30/20:

Monday:  Park Fitness 10:15am, Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm & Barre Blend On-Line 6:30pm

Tuesday: Cardio Core Curbside 6pm

Wednesday:  Barre Blend On-Line 11:30am & Cardio Fusion On-Line 6pm

Thursday:  Park Fitness 9:15am, & Cardio Fusion Curbside 6pm

Saturday:  Boot Camp On-Line 7:30am & Park Fitness 8:40am



Thought for the week:  Holidays 2020 – Stable Reminders

Do you like my play on words with “stable” reminders?  It can be used as a noun that represents the imagery of Christ’s birth in a stable and is also used as an adjective to describe something solid and sound.  Hmm, makes you think huh?! 

O.k so this year is nuts, like no other year that most of us have experienced, right?  So, how can we stay “stable” when there is so much “unstable” around us?

Well, I am a big believer in routine. Routine is king!  Routine isn’t fancy or exciting, but it keeps us all going and helps us stay out of trouble.  What kind of routine am I talking about?  You know, the one where you go to bed and wake up about the same time every day.  Carve out time for your fitness routine and make healthy meals at home.  Being mindful about keeping order in your home with chores and clean-ups.  These are all basic things that we do all of the time, so why am I mentioning them now?  Historically, the month of December is a HUGE disrupter of all of these things.  I know because I help many of my clients in January to unravel the damage of December and get back on track to normalcy. 

Do not let December derail you!  Many of you are working so hard to be diligent and disciplined in how you move and what you eat.  You guys are doing great!  Don’t throw in the towel now and take a break because life is hard.  Life has always been hard, but it’s extra hard now.  This is when you need routine and discipline the most my friends!  I want you to enjoy Christmas, but every day can’t be a holiday.  Do you know what I mean? 

Focus on the true meaning of Christmas with the baby in the manger and train your mind, eyes and your stomach to focus on less is more.  Make this a holiday where you give or serve more than you receive.  There are so many hurting people out there.  Think of the small ways you can help someone have a brighter day?  Do you have elderly family in a nursing home that you can’t see in person?  Maybe set up a Zoom or FaceTime call so they can see you.  Maybe go through your temple or church and adopt a family for a Christmas meal and gifts who can’t afford it.  Think creatively about how you can use your time and your talents.  If there was ever a year to shake things up, this is the year!  If you do something special with your family to bless or serve others, please send me a photo and I’d love to share what you are doing on my blog. 

That’s all for now gang!  Let’s keep moving together and keeping our routines!

See you soon!