Blog 11/23/20 A Unique Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  I definitely missed seeing you all on Saturday, but I had a great time camping at Lake Del Valle in Livermore with my boys and their Boy Scout patrol.  Have you guys been to Del Valle to hike or mountain bike?  Who knew there were so many beautiful trails to explore there!  Honestly, I haven’t spent that much time at Del Valle, so it was a treat to  hike around and explore all of the campgrounds and hiking trails.  So, I also learned about E-bikes?  Apparently, this is the hot trend in mountain biking right now and I saw many mountain bikers out there using these types of bikes.  Hey, I’m all in support of anything that gets people outside moving more!  If an E-bike helps people get out more and assist with those more difficult inclines and increases endurance of the ride, go for it! 

Here are some photos from the hike:

View from hilltop looking at Lake Del Valle

Steep climb up to the top of the hill!

ASM’s AKS Assistant Scout Masters:  Elaine Moal, Derek Dressler and Mike Biggee

Even though campfires were not allowed, you CAN be creative with a propane stove!

Thought of the week:  A Unique Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in a Pandemic-Covid world since March.  Since then, we have become experts in the following:  Zoom calls, hand washing, mask wearing, home projects, social distancing, and learning how to learn and work remotely.  Wowza!  That is a huge paradigm shift in how we live our lives every day!  So many things have changed- some for the good and some for the worse.  I love the fact that my husband isn’t commuting 3-4 hours in the car every day.  That’s a plus.  We have more family time together, which is certainly positive.  And, I would say overall, that more people are exercising than they were before, would you agree?  Have you tried buying a bike lately?  Or, have you tried calling for bike repair?  Sheesh, it’s a 3-4 month wait for a tune-up!  Apparently, it’s more difficult to buy exercise equipment because of the high demand.  So, those are all great trends. The company Peleton is making money hand over fist. 

If you have kids at home, you know what I’m going to say is a negative, right?  Wow.  There’s is WAY too much screen time going on!  Honestly, I don’t blame the kids though.  They are forced to do school on-line and then because of SD and Covid, one of the ways they can connect with their friends is through video games.  Consequently, our kids are moving less and are more addicted to screen time than they ever have been before.  Only time will tell what kind of negative ramifications this will produce.  Like anything though, all of this is temporary and it won’t be like this forever.  I’m trying to take things in stride and realize that this is a season and there are lessons to be learned here for all of us.

Speaking of seasons…’s Thanksgiving this week!  I hope you will join me in choosing to reflect positively on all of your blessings.  Things could be far worse right?  I just walked over to my neighbor’s house across the street to visit the husband who was in a bike accident yesterday.  He was riding out in Livermore and rode through downtown Livermore to get home.  He was rear ended by someone who looked down at their coffee cup and swerved to correct.  When the driver swerved, he rear ended my neighbor.  He was rushed to the hospital and thank God, he’s o.k.!  Nothing is broken and there were no internal damages.  Does it stink to spend your Thanksgiving week in pain from horrible road rash?  Yes, absolutely, but how much worse could it have been?  As I was speaking with his wife, I could see in her tear stained eyes that she was grateful for his spared life.  This 2020 Thanksgiving is one that will be uniquely remembered.

I share this story because life is hard all the time.  We hear difficult news every day.  But, what about bringing to light all of the good things that happen to us?  You may have to dig a little deeper, but there are hidden treasures in every day!  I implore you to seek those things out and meditate on them with a thankful heart.  At the moment, my swimming pool has a horrible leak and we are losing hundreds of gallons every day.  Our water line in our refrigerator stopped working and is broken and our washing machine is almost dead.  Sigh.  O.k so we have appliance gremlins that are determined to make us miserable and rob our joy.  Are we excited about these things?  Hell no, but we are choosing to not let them define us.  Honestly, we are aware that these are 1st world problems and these are things that are costly and inconvenience us, but they aren’t the end of the world in we will live to see another day.

I am choosing to be thankful for my husband and boys, extended family, friends, fitness community, health, Pleasanton, and the list goes on.  When bad things happen, be human about it.  Have some temporary frustration or anger, but don’t linger there.  Marinating in difficult circumstances that seem unfair will lead to misery and malcontent.  Be rock solid in your faith.  Lean into God and be thankful for all that He has given you.  Walk into Thanksgiving with close family around you, a table full of delicious food, and remember that every day is a gift because we aren’t promised a tomorrow. 

Have a blessed week my friends and Happy Thanksgiving!

Class Schedule Week of 11/23/20:

Monday:  Park Fitness 10:15am, Cardio Core On-Line 5;30pm & Barre Blend On-Line 6:30pm

Tuesday:  Cardio  Core  Curbside 6pm

Wednesday:  Barre Blend On-Line 11:30am & Cardio Fusion On-Line 6pm

Thursday:   Park Fitness Thanksgiving Class 8:45am

Saturday:  Boot Camp On-Line 7:30am & Park Fitness 8:40am