Blog 10/19/20

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the warm days and nights with blue skies and clean air!  A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to classes this past week.  I love the effort and commitment, so let’s keep it going!

Announcements and Reminders:

  1.  Park Fitness on Mondays has a new time of 10:15am.  I have a new schedule change with both of my boys taking hybrid classes in the Walnut Creek area, so I get back to the studio around 10am and will plan Park Fitness for 10:15am.  At the moment, Park Fitness is still on Thursdays at 8am, but I’d love to hear from more of you if you are interested in this class, would it help if it was moved to a later time in the morning – 8:30am?  Or later?  Please communicate with me if you enjoy Park Fitness and want to attend during the week.  Winter is also coming, so a later start time might be better.
  2. Reminder – Cardio Core Curbside and Cardio Fusion Curbside Tuesdays and Thursdays are at 6pm NOT 6:30pm.  This is to take advantage of daylight.


Class Schedule Week of 10/19/20

Monday – Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm

Tuesday – Cardio Core Curbside 6pm

Wednesday – Barre Blend On-Line 11;30am & Cardio Fusion On-Line 6pm

Thursday – Park Fitness 8am & Cardio Fusion Curbside 6pm

Saturday – Boot Camp On-Line 7:30am & Park Fitness 8:40am


Thought for the week:  Why I Love Chiropractors!

I wanted to share my journey with you the last few days.  About a week and a half ago, I was sitting in my parked car looking down at my phone and something caught my eye to the right of me on the floor.  Without thinking anything of it, I turned my head to the right looking down at the floor and I immediately felt a shift in my neck.  I didn’t feel pain right away, so I didn’t think anything of it and kinda forgot about the movement.  I realized I became aware of my right psoas, or AKA hip flexor, and how much tighter it was getting, especially when I was running or lunging.   So, as any good trainer will do, I began adding in additional hip flexor stretches and foam rolling.  Interestingly enough, my usual tricks weren’t working and my right hip flexor remained tight.  Fast forward to last Friday, I was personally training a dear client and friend of mine, Candace G, and was seated in a chair and bent over with arms folded on the table so I could really see what was going on in the Zoom session.  I was in that position for about 45 minutes and when I tried to get up, my back ceased and I could not stand up straight.  I was immediately in pain and could barely move.  Because I have gone through this experience before, I knew something was subluxated in my upper cervical area of my neck.  I had an appointment last Friday with my usual full spine chiropractor and could barely walk in the door by 3pm.  She did a variety of different tests and everything was jacked up in my sacrum, pelvis, L4 & L5 were out.  She also said that my C1 was out of adjustment and did an activator adjustment on the atlas.  I went home and like a good girl, I iced my back and my neck on and off the rest of Friday.

So now we are at Saturday morning and I am supposed to teach Boot Camp On-Line.  I knew when I woke up that something was still very wrong because my back was still ceased up and tight and I couldn’t stand up straight.  I was not able to breathe my usual fire and teach boot camp the way I normally do, so I voice coached the class and still gave everything a solid working worthy of Boot Camp! LOL!  After class, I called my upper cervical chiropractor and was able to get in at 9:30am – perfect!  After Dr. Grey did a host of assessments, my C1 was still out and was the culprit of why my back was ceasing up and why everything else was twisted below my neck.  I knew that the adjustment held because as the day went on, my back started to loosen up and I could finally stand up straight again. 

O.k. so why am I telling you all of this?  The reason why I’m sharing this story with you is to tell you that no one is bullet proof.  Things happen.  We go out of adjustment sometimes.  Because I happened to look down at my phone and then to the right, I physically changed the position of my C1, the Atlas bone in your neck.  It took a while for the symptoms to really start barking at me, but every day that I was out of adjustment, my symptoms worsened.

For those of you who are living with a constant and nagging neck or back pain, there are answers for you!  I’m not saying that chiropractic is the only way to help you, but the upper cervical spine is like the king of the spine!  If things aren’t right with C1 and C2 in particular, you WILL have a whole host of symptoms that can end up twisting your pelvic bones, sacrum, cause knee pain and a whole host of other muscular imbalances.  What’s crazy is that the pain I was experiencing was in my low back, not necessarily in my upper neck.  But, the source of my back pain was coming from the misalignment in my C1.  Does that make sense?  Correct the misalignment in C1, and it’s like a shakedown effect that clears up any problems down the kinetic chain.  If I didn’t go in on Saturday, my symptoms would have worsened and I would be in severe pain and not able to move!  I know, hard to believe huh?  But, it’s the truth. 

So, today I am on the mend, thank God, and it will still take me a couple more days to let my muscles calm down.  For class tonight, I may end up voice coaching or only teaching it partially with my own movement and may end up voice coaching part of it.  Never fear, whatever I bring you guys will take care of fitness business for you – I promise!

Our spinal health is key in allowing us to move in all of the ways we do in our fitness world!  I help my story will help shed some light if you are experiencing some symptoms in your body that you know are not right.  I love chiropractic because it has nothing to do with drugs or surgery.  It’s all about realigning the spine and allowing nerve endings to fire properly so that every muscle and organ in your body can function optimally and naturally, allowing the body to heal itself. And by the way, my upper cervical specialist commented that it’s a really smart idea to see both a full spine chiropractor as well as an upper cervical specialist because of the nature of how C1 and C2 are designed in the neck. 

Anyway guys, that’s all for now!  Hope that helps!