Blog 1/3/21 A New Beginning

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year to you!  Are you ready to get back on track?  The holidays are wonderful for so many reasons but they WREAK HAVOC on our bodies, routines, mindset and habits big time!  I have loved moving with so many of you the past several weeks because this is one way we can combat the challenges of the holiday season.  For those of you who have been moving more and trying to eat healthier, I’m curious to know how you are feeling walking into the New Year?  Well, whether you indulged a little or quite a bit, a good detox would be beneficial for all of us.  Read more below in my thought for the week.

Announcement and Reminders:

  1.  6 – Week Winter Fitness Challenge is Beginning January 9th!  As most of you know, I usually host a Winter Fitness Challenge every January as a way to inspire us to shake off the holidays, lose a few pounds, and get mentally focused again on health and fitness goals.  Well, I’d like to do this again this year, but it will look a little differently. 

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  1.  On Saturday, January 9th, weight yourself at home and record it on your phone with a picture and/or a notebook.  Measure yourself with a measuring tape around your hips and waist and record your measurements. You can also have your spouse or family do this for you too.  At the end of the six weeks, let’s see who the biggest reducers are in weight and waistline! 


  1. This will be a “Saturday” Challenge because I will offer fitness challenges for both Boot Camp On-Line and Park Fitness.  Since these Challenges are a service that I offer to my clients, these extra “Challenges” are optional and are not mandatory.  If you still want to get a great work out in but don’t want to do any of the fitness tests or timed challenges, that’s totally o.k. and up to you.  For those who do want to participate, I will be keeping track and recording your progress so that you can compare how you did at the end of the six weeks.  As usual, there will be prizes for winners!!


  1. Nutrition Challenge – Who can detox the most?  What are you willing to give up?  Sugar?  Refined carbs?  Soda?  Pick something personal to you that you want to detox and track how you are willing to detox it.  Maybe you want to try the Whole 30 diet and detox everything and then slowly build your nutrition back up by adding food groups in.  Let me know what you’d like to give up and how you are going to do it.  I will determine at the end of the Challenge who the winner is based on plan, execution and results.


2.  Note on On-Line Class Sign-Ups – Because I train for small group exercise formats, you know that my classes can range from two people up to ten.   Sometimes it can be difficult to plan if a class is going to go or not because I can receive notifications a few minutes before a class and this makes it hard to plan.  I’d like to propose a cut off time of 1 hour before class.  So, If I only have one person signed up for a class and haven’t heard from anyone else an hour before class, I will go ahead and cancel.  As long as I have two people signed up ahead of time, I will go ahead and teach.  Thank you for helping me to plan my classes better by letting me know ahead of time if you’ll be attending – up to 1 hour before.


3.  Middle School PE is starting Tuesday, January 5th at 2pm!  Attached is a flyer you can check out and forward!  Please let me know if you’d like to sign up your son or daughter.  SD will be emphasized. 

Here is the flyer:


Class Schedule Week of 1/3/21:

Monday:  Park Fitness Hills 10:15am Rain or shine!  Cardio Core On-Line 5:30pm & Barre Blend On-Line 6:30pm.

Tuesday: Cardio Core Curbside 5:30pm

Wednesday:  Barre Blend On-Line 11:30am & Cardio Fusion On-Line 6pm

Thursday:  Park Fitness 9:15am & Cardio Fusion Curbside 5:30pm

Saturday:  Boot Camp On-Line Winter Fitness Challenge 7:30am & Park Fitness Winter Fitness Challenge 8:40am


Thought for the week:  Detox is Reset


January is the perfect month to detox.  We are coming off of a holiday break and most people have consumed more sugar, salt, fat, refined carbs, portions, and alcohol.  Most of us have fallen into a schedule change of later nights and sleeping in, and our routine is off track. 

Don’t worry.  You are not alone!  The good news is that we belong to a community where we are all in this thing together and can help encourage one another to get back to routine and feeling better.

So, what should you do?

  1. Throw out any holiday treats and goodies that are still around.  Christmas cookies had their day and not it’s done.  The Green waste is calling their name!  Just do it.


  1. Clean out the fridge’s veggie and fruit drawers and make sure there are only fresh foods in there that are ready to consume.  Stock with a variety of lettuces, green veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, onions, carrots, cucumbers, fresh herbs etc.  Make sure you have berries that are either fresh or frozen. These are the lowest on the glycemic scale and are loaded with antioxidants that fight cancer and other diseases.  Focus on prebiotic foods such as these to feed the good bacteria in your gut.


  1.  Make sure when those hunger cravings kick in that you have plenty of grab n go fresh and healthy food available.  Chop up veggies into snack size and keep in a tub.  Have hummus or guacamole around to dip your veggies in.  Have apples around so that you can slice them up and dip them in a tablespoon of nut butter for a snack. 


  1. Buy plenty of lemons and slice them up every morning to put into your water.  Better yet, add 2 T of apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s brand, and add a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper as an intense detox drink.  It’s kind of hard going down, but oh so good for your liver! 


  1. Add in fermented foods into your diet such as yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha, cultured plant based butter like Myokos, saurkraut.  These foods add in probiotics to give you an immunity boost by keeping your gut bacteria healthy and abundant.


  1. Drink herbal teas for increased hydrated, detox, and immune support.  I really enjoy Traditional Medicinals as they have a variety of old fashioned herbal teas.  Herbs such as yarrow flower, elder flower, peppermint leaf, hyssop, rosehip, cinnamon bark, ginger etc.


  1. Get your rest!  The extra work at night is not worth it.  Make sure you are giving your body proper rest every night!  Rest is king and also important for weight loss!


  1.  Sweat it out!  Yup, get back to your work outs if you are off track.  You will be so happy that you did!  Let me know if I can help!


Let’s get detox started!  We can do this!

See you soon!