Basic Green Juice

I’m very excited that so many of you are getting into juicing and are experimenting with a plant based diet.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about blending and juicing and the bottom line is that they are both beneficial and great for you!  Juicing is like “free basing” mother nature and getting a fast jolt of all those phytonutrients and antioxidants into your cells fast and blending is more like a meal where it takes longer to digest.

Here is a green juice I have been making lately in the morning and my boys give it a thumbs up.  You will need a juicer and while there are many brands on the market, Breville makes some of the best and their price point is between $200-300.  I bought a 5 speed Breville and it was $199 at Williams Sonoma.

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of spinach

2-3 carrots

1 cucumber

1 apple

1 orange


It’s really simple and tastes great going down!  Give it a try 🙂

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